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Can eating too much food affect fundal height measurement?

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butterfly92 Fri 19-Aug-16 09:22:59

Hi everyone. I had my fundal height measurement done yesterday at my midwife appointment but about 2 hours prior to that, I had a massive fry up at the pub lol! I was completely stuffed but when she measured me she said I am measuring a little bit on the big side (90th centile according to my maternity notes), at 27 weeks I measured 50th centile, right on track , and now I wish I asked could it of been all of the food that I scoffed beforehand but I didn't think until my OH mentioned it and said it's not the baby, it's the food lol! Is this possible?

Thank you smile

gamerchick Fri 19-Aug-16 09:25:02

I wouldn't have thought so, the top of the uterus feels different to a full tummy.

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