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Persistent tension headache - 11 weeks pregnant

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MissClarke86 Fri 19-Aug-16 08:36:49


I'm about 11 weeks pregnant and seem to have got off fairly lightly in the symptom stakes until this week. I woke up Monday with a terribly sore, stiff, achey neck (one side) which turned into a headache and what I think may have been a migraine. Went to bed and slept it off and felt a lot better but since then the headache has come and gone (4 days ago now.). It's pretty much there all the time now. It feels like pressure at the base if my skull and like it stems from my neck - then hurts in both sides and behind my eyes.

I feel like I should be able to crack my neck and get rid of it!!

Anyone know if this is normal? Paracetamol isn't touching it, and lieing down with a cold compress only helps minimally. Just wondering whether it's a normal pregnancy thing or if I need to see a doctor.

Thanks for any advice.

Titchypanda Fri 19-Aug-16 08:41:46

Are you a headache/migraine sufferer normally? If you are, then them getting worse or prolonged is a normal pregnancy thing. I'm a sufferer and My migraines have been terrible and the midwife said it's a case of putting up with it.

If you're not a sufferer pop along to gp or nurse and get bp checked. Sometimes if it's higher can give headaches. Also the weather can be a factor. Hope that helps x

MissClarke86 Fri 19-Aug-16 08:45:27

Thanks for the response. Im not normally too bad, only occasionally after a busy day etc. I did have migraines as a child though.

Had my BP taken on Monday at my booking appointment so shouldn't be that. I think my pregnant brain has gone into panic mode and with it feeling like pressure I'm irrationally scared that I've got something terrible blush

If only ibuprofen were allowed!!!

Titchypanda Fri 19-Aug-16 09:07:21

Try and keep cool and keep your fluids up. If you're still worried, you can always call your midwife or GP. Remember no question is a silly question and they're there to help.

LynseyH Fri 19-Aug-16 12:24:03

missclarke I recognise your name from the other thread so thought I'd chime in, not sure if you've seen the posts I did about headaches but I've been having the same as you on and off for weeks. We also said the same... we want ibuprofen!!
My bad head gets a lot worse after 4pm ish.... to rule out anything else, are you drinking enough? That can be a simple cause. Anyone prone to headaches before pregnancy certainly seem to suffer much more.
My only advice is take the paracetamol as soon as you feel the first niggle and although it probably won't get rid, it'll stop it becoming full blown.
I have cluster headaches so get them around 4 days at a time then will have a period of no pain (which is usually at least a few weeks but at moment I seem to have 4 days of pain, 4 days off and so forth).
Mention it to the midwife or your gp as they may give you another check over.
Don't feel silly for asking either! I was scared about meningitis because of the stiff neck but of course I was just panicking....which is totally normal!

Tinklypoo Fri 19-Aug-16 12:29:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissClarke86 Sat 20-Aug-16 10:57:47

Thanks ladies. I had a relatively headache free day yesterday and woke up early, but went back to sleep for a lie in and now it's back! I think it's to do with pressure as it actually seems worse when I just sit still or lie down.

I'll see how it goes and speak to midwife if need be.

AudreyBradshaw Sat 20-Aug-16 13:29:25

I had a few stinking headaches like you describe early on. I found it was linked to me being slightly dehydrated. So I'd try and drinks know shedload of water all day. I have really long hair and was wearing it in a high ponytail which didn't help. And I put vapour rub on my temples. And tried relaxing my jaw. I have no idea if any of this was actually helpful but it did ease my headaches.

Definetly talk to your midwife though.

T0ddlerSlave Sun 21-Aug-16 21:35:29

Are you doing stretches? There are some good excercises you can find online.

Iwantagoonthetrampoline Sun 21-Aug-16 21:57:30

Could be hormonal. I've had terrible headaches for a few days in both my pregnancies around this time. I read somewhere that there's a big change in the hormones produced around the transition from first to second trimester, something to do with the placenta forming, and this is the same reason that a lot of people's morning sickness goes away about this time too (luckily I've got off very lightly on that front). Best to talk to your midwife if you are worried though. Hope they ease off soon :-)

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