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Tashafaye123 Thu 18-Aug-16 19:42:41

Hi all looking for some advice. Today I seen a consultant and forgot to ask a question. I'm consultant lead due to manual removal of plecenta and a hemmoraging and loosing 2800ml of blood! I have white coat syndrome also and panic and my blood pressure goes through the roof when visiting any doctor/midwife appointment. At home this is fine. I have been told to take aspirin to control the blood pressure but also reassured it can be good for plecenta flow etc. However taking aspirin thins your blood and me loosing so much blood am thinking it can't be a good idea. Obviously consultant is the expert but just woundering if anyone had the same issue or advice

Whatsername17 Thu 18-Aug-16 20:43:55

I've been advised to take it by my consultant too. I believe that it is to stop a clot going across the placenta. I think they will be prepared for the retained placenta this time (I had the same but didn't lose blood) and will have advised aspirin in spite of your previous experience. Write a list of questions to ask next time and paper clip them to your notes. That way your midwife and consultant will see them and explain if you become overwhelmed during the appointment. flowers

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