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6 weeks and no symptoms - is it all over?

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crayfish Wed 17-Aug-16 10:21:36

I am roughly six weeks pregnant with DC2. I'm pretty sure of the dates and should be 6+2 today. The thing is, I have got no symptoms, none. I wouldn't be that phased, but by now with my first pregnancy I was feeling sick, peeing loads and going off foods, etc etc etc. Now I feel totally normal.

I have literally done about ten pregnancy tests and all were positive and I've had no bleeding so far, but I'm just worried that something is wrong.

Can anybody advise? Can this be normal?

tryingtobestronger Wed 17-Aug-16 10:24:22

My first pregnancy I had no signs until around 10 weeks.

Second I had signs pretty much straight away.

I think all are different and should be something to worry about unless maybe your spotting or bleeding.

Can I ask, why you think your 6 weeks? Is that from conception, or six weeks since your last period( nosy question)

AppleJac Wed 17-Aug-16 10:24:38

Every pregnancy is different.

Some people feel sick, some never do etc thats why some people dont find out they are pregant till much later on as they have had no symptoms.

crayfish Wed 17-Aug-16 10:39:35

I'm calling it six weeks from last period because I know that's how the midwife will date it, I know when I ovulated as well though and that fits with those dates too.

I know that some people don't really get symptoms at all, but the fact that I had them last time is what's worrying me.

JacquelineChan Wed 17-Aug-16 10:44:19

i had no symptoms ( excluding a headache which i wouldn't associate as a 'usual' pregnancy symptom) - even up until my 12 week scan. In fact I thought the preg test was somehow wrong and there would be no baby there !

Lo and behold there was a baby and I was shocked.

don't some people say different/ lack of symptoms to the last time could mean a different sex of baby ?... probably an old wives tale !

Whatsername17 Wed 17-Aug-16 10:45:43

With dd I had barely any symptoms. A bit nauseous after 8 weeks. Didn't like the smell of chocolate. With my 2nd I was puking my guts up from before my missed period. I was sick 2-4 time a day until I miscarried at 13 weeks. My baby had died at 8 weeks but I didn't find out until 11 weeks at a scan. With this pregnancy, I haven't had any massive food cravings or a versions. Only a little nausea and sore boobs after 9 weeks. Symptoms mean nothing. Try not to worry flowers

Kissedbubble93 Wed 17-Aug-16 10:46:32

I'm on my first one currently 30 weeks today, I had no symptoms at first, only that I did come on my period. Up until 26 weeks which is now when I've started feeling sick and lost my appetite and of course I now have a big belly too. I kept thinking something was wrong because I felt too normal, but not everyone has symptoms

crayfish Wed 17-Aug-16 11:08:40

Whatshername Im so sorry for your loss. I do also know of other people who have had symptoms after a baby has died, so I guess symptoms are no guarantee.

I just seems to me that most people get stronger symptoms second time around and that's what I was expecting. I feel so normal though, I keep poking my boobs to see if they are sore and nothing!

Whatsername17 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:14:21

Well I'm now third time around and I've definitely had less symptoms than with my first. I think your body just remembers. I had a dd in my first pg and I'm expecting a girl again so everything has been very similar.

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