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Baby number 3!

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spiralwiral Wed 17-Aug-16 07:25:37

i know everyone and each pregnancy is different but just interested to know if your baby no.3 was generally early or late?!
1 week to go and feeling impatient!!

SusanAndBinkyRideForth Wed 17-Aug-16 07:27:34

Late. All 3 were a week late but #3 was a week +3 smile and the latest.

RNBrie Wed 17-Aug-16 07:28:43

All three of mine were late! 8 days, 11 days, 8 days.

Good luck!!

thecatsarecrazy Wed 17-Aug-16 09:02:55

I don't know about number 3 yet but 1 was pretty much on time 2 was 10 days late

PizzzaTheHutt Wed 17-Aug-16 09:09:06

Dc1 was 14 early.
Dc2 was 8 days early.
Dc3 was 7 days early.
The last week felt the heaviest with dc3. I kept thinking 'this is it', when it wasn't - I knew when it really was 'it' though!

MsFiremanSam Wed 17-Aug-16 11:57:52

Following in the desperate hope that my number three will be early!!

RedCrab Thu 18-Aug-16 10:14:48

Pregnant with DC3 so also following but:

DC1 was two weeks late
DC2 was two weeks early.

I've heard third births are really hard. Is this true - from people's experiences?

DC1 was a awful induction/forceps after 40 hours. DC2 was an amazing six hours of completely manageable and happy labour - like, literally happy, I was chilled out and laughing in between contractions. No need for pain relief. Went from 4cm to giving birth within an hour. Born at home.

Bit scared for number three!

lousylear Thu 18-Aug-16 10:30:05

Mine were all early. 2 weeks, 5 days, 2 days.

spiralwiral Sat 03-Sep-16 21:06:08

Thanks all! Have had the baby since posting this and Dc3 came bang on due date!
Redcrab - I had a horrible birth with dc1 and then a 6 hour good labour with dc2 going from 4cm to birth in 45 mins! Was also worried about stories id heard about third labours but this time was even quicker - 4 hours in total and 2cm to birth in 1 hour. Good luck!

MsFiremanSam Sat 03-Sep-16 21:14:30

Congratulations! 🍾

WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup Sat 03-Sep-16 21:19:05

All mine were late.
1.11 days late
2. 5 days late
3. 3 days late

I'm hoping number 4 will at least be on time!

WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup Sat 03-Sep-16 21:20:33

Ah just seen update congratulations!

couldntlovethebearmore Sat 03-Sep-16 21:21:25

Number three was six days early

bramblina Sat 03-Sep-16 21:27:32

1. 2 days late (had show on dd)
2. 1 day early
3. 3 days late

First 2 dcs were great births, all lovely and straight forward but with dc 3 I had no movement on day 3 post dd so was induced- eurgh! Pessaries 2pm Saturday then BAM!!! 5am Sunday whoa it was intense!! So, if I wasn't induced I don't know when he would have arrived.....

weegiemum Sat 03-Sep-16 21:59:01

DC1 was 4 days early
DC2 was 10 days early
DC3 was induced at 36+6, so 3 weeks early.

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