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Baby hasn't grown enough- 32 weeks

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ALICEinwonders Tue 16-Aug-16 21:37:36

I'm 32 weeks and my tummy hasn't grown since 29 weeks when I was first measured by mw. I had a scan today due to rfm, last scan was 2 weeks ago and baby didn't move at all on that scan so was reffered for another one which was today when we learned that baby has barely grown in last 2 weeks (1-2 ounces).
I am under consultant for another medical condition of mine and she has reffered me for another scan in 2 weeks which is apparently the earliest a growth scan can be, if he still hasn't grown I'll be given steroids and be induced.
I'm so concerned, I know that scans often predict weight wrong but with my tummy not growing aswell. I barely feel him moving, I just never have so am being monitored because of that aswell. I suffer from anxiety (only during pregnancy) and it is through the roof, I'm not so much worried about him being premature but him not making it and him being stillborn, which is something I've always been worried about except now I have a reason to be worried.
Please reassure me sad

Whatsername17 Tue 16-Aug-16 21:41:10

I've no experience but you must go back to your midwife tomorrow and talk things through. It isn't okay that you have been left to worry for two weeks. The only thing I will say is that my bump measured 3cm under and dd was 7lb15oz. I didn't have a growth scan so can't compare. Good luck x

whatifwearetheanswer Tue 16-Aug-16 21:51:56

I was referred for static growth and in the end induced because of it, although I was term, 41 weeks in fact. Baby was fine, just a bit small for dates that's all.

They will only induce if they are worried, and if they are, it's because baby is better out than in! I was so frightened but you just have to put your trust in the professionals. When my baby was born the weight predicted at scan was incorrect so I think they aren't right all the time.

Then again, if you feel that there's something wrong then talk to your midwife. And always get checked out if you don't feel baby so much. Even if you're there 10 times. It's so reassuring!

Good luck with everything!

happyinthesunshine Tue 16-Aug-16 22:00:01

My DD growth slowed significantly at 27 weeks. She started to fall in the centile growth charts until she was hovering around the 3rd centile at 35 weeks. I was in hospital and monitored closely. I made it to 37 weeks and delivered by C section. Apparently my placenta was poor.
Scans are fairly accurate for size after the dating scan. I was scanned every two weeks and had a Doppler scan the weeks In between to assess placental blood flow.
It's positive they have picked this up, they are able to help you and your baby stay healthy.
My DD is a bonny girl now although she took a year or so catching up milestones as she was a very tiny baby.
I wish you well, it is a worrying time. flowers

ALICEinwonders Tue 16-Aug-16 22:08:13

Thanks all.
I have his heart monitored twice a week but don't think this monitors his growth at all? Worried that he will starve in between scans and it won't be picked up until it's too late but I'm not sure what else they can do for me.

Also have a new midwife who I've only met once and am not particularly confident in her (she was a bit ummy and arry about questions I asked and gave me some information about my hospital which was wrong)
I'm just not sure what anyone can do for me, I think I'll just have to wait it out unfortunately.

happyinthesunshine Tue 16-Aug-16 23:24:21

You can go into the hospital for daily heart monitoring if you feel you need the reassurance ( I did this). They will know if baby is struggling as they will pick this up over a duration of heart monitoring/ fetal movement
Have they given you an indication of the amount of amniotic fluid you are carrying? If it's low baby's movements are restricted as it doesn't have a big cushion of water around it. That might be why your not feeling movement. It could be that he's moving and you can't feel it. That was what was happening with my DD.
Ask during monitoring if he's moving as it gets picked up. It is a worrying time, but the positive thing is it's been picked up and they won't put your baby at risk. He will be out long before any risk.

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