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31 weeks always in pain

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user1471358046 Tue 16-Aug-16 15:56:35

I'm 31 weeks (be 32 Thursday) this is my 3rd pregnancy (first girl) and it's killing me! Had bad braxton hicks since 16 weeks but this week has been a nightmare! Really bad braxton hicks on Saturday every few seconds for about an hour (she was kicking away and I'm sick of goin hosp as she stops by time I get there) they then eased but I've basically had them on n off all through the day and night since! Also every now n then feeling lots of low down pressure almost like she'll just fall out (obviously realise she won't) my stomach is constantly tender and aching with bouts of sharp stabbing pains across bump and down below and round into my back.. I know I should really go in but they just strap me up leave me and then fob me off saying it must be other things (I know what I feel I'm not stupid) and because my other babies where fine I shouldn't worry. . But I'm so convinced something isn't right anyone had any experience with this n any idea what it is? I'm sick of being in pain I can't take my kids out alone or anything without it setting off x

Allibear Thu 18-Aug-16 10:55:13

That sounds horrible! I'm sure the hospital wouldn't discharge you unless they were SURE baby is okay smile I've found a tens machine really helpful for the pain though!

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