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Crazy hormonal b*tch time

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Dlah Mon 15-Aug-16 19:43:36

Just that really.

Got really annoyed at my oh yesterday - went to the in laws for dinner and because (heaven forbid!) dinner was slightly delayed, it meant he wouldn't travel home as would miss start of football (40 min drive) so decided he was staying there, and I was stuck basically - no issues with in laws I was just bored, I don't do football and really wasn't in mood, nearly 30 weeks, generally uncomfortable after a while. Anyhoo, I did kinda give him the silent treatment last night

Today he went off to work without kissing me goodbye which just set me off, I've spent the day trying to be rationale - cleaned up, did some washing, cooked nice dinner and now he's got the arse Coz I gave him the silent treatment.

We had a house viewing at 7 tonight which was just awkward and barely spoke, so I dropped him back home after and just came straight out for a drive. Ended up sat in a car park, listening to Gem radio which would seriously push an unstable person over the edge now with its depressing choice of songs right now, instead I'm just having the odd cry/woe is me moment and generally feeling sad/angry/want to scream/can't be arsed kind of moment

. . And now starts Beyoncé Halo which is a lovely song but just a blub fest heading my way

Sorry, just a little vent/moan confused

Caramellattelady Mon 15-Aug-16 19:57:38

Haha, oh you poor thing! That was a sympathetic chuckle btw, not a mean laugh. I have totally been there.

Sounds like your OH was a little selfish and thoughtless, but it was the start of the football season and people get very over excited about that (I'm one of those people actually...!).

What he doesn't, can't and never will understand is that, at 30 weeks pregnant, you are prone to being a little less flexible and understanding than normal (and rightly bloody so) and your reaction mag have just thrown him, hence the subsequent strop.

It will all be totally fine, promise. Switch off the radio, go home, give him a kiss and make up.

Good luck. And don't worry: I sobbed last week because I got off at the wrong end of the tube for my exit. For like, half an hour. Seriously.

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