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Could I be pregnant?

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KayBlake Mon 15-Aug-16 00:16:10

Okay so I don't really understand the few symptoms I've been having so I really need some help with the maths and if I could be pregnant or not?

I last had my period on the 26th - 30th July

Therefore, I was ovulating between the 4th - 12th August

Between the 3rd and the 10th I was having unprotected sex almost every day

It is now the 13th of August so could be anywhere between 9-3 days pregnant

On the 10-12th of this month Whenever I wiped after peeing, there was the very very faintest of pink on the tissue. It has now completely gone, and I don't know if this could be implantation bleeding?

As well as this, I've been really hungry and tired and lacking in energy and my knees ache a lot and I have slight cramping but it's barely noticeable and a pain in my ribs/back and I have the most awful mood swings

Is there a chance this is all signs of pregnancy? I won't be able to take a test until the 1st of September but that's so far away and I just really need some help to come to terms with this all in my head because I really want to be pregnant but scared of getting my hopes up

smellsofelderberries Mon 15-Aug-16 03:36:27

There is no way we can tell you if you're pregnant or not, you'll just have to wait until you can test. Your symptoms could be signs of pregnancy, or they might not be, we can't tell you.

NovemberInDailyFailLand Mon 15-Aug-16 04:21:28

Well, if you are having unprotected sex, then yes, indeed you could be.

CharminglyGawky Mon 15-Aug-16 05:17:59

You could be, but we can't tell you and it may be too early to test. A very early test may pick up something in a couple of days. Go for a pink dye one rather than a blue dye one if you do try to test before your period is due as they tend to be more accurate at lower hormone levels.

The light bleeding could have been irritation from sex, or a sign of ovulation or implantation bleeding. The latter being the only one that means pregnancy although the first two don't preclude it! Symptom spotting is a cruel game as many of the early signs of pregnancy are perfectly normal things to happen in a normal cycle!

pullthecracker Mon 15-Aug-16 05:30:08

Is your cycle regulat? If so, AF would be due on the 23rd August, so you could test then, or at least have more of an idea, why 1st September?

KayBlake Mon 15-Aug-16 14:55:15

The first appointment I was offered was the 1st of July due to it being 3 weeks after the last time I had unprotected sex during ovulation. However my cycle really isn't normal so I'm confused.

I just want some hope I guess, my last two pregnancies have miscarried and I just want to know if I'm pregnant so I can reduce those risks as much as possible

quitecrunchy Mon 15-Aug-16 20:17:48

Why an appointment? Just take a home pregnancy test from around the time your period would be due surely?

You could be pregnant but honestly the symptom spotting will drive you mental if you keep on with it. It's totally understandable though given what you've been through - so sorry for your losses and best of luck this time around flowers

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