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Addicted to being pregnant and babies ?!?!

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isitseptemberyet Sun 14-Aug-16 09:56:00

Hello all smile
I guess i'm wondering if anyone else feels like me ?! Hoping i don't get too roasted in the process !
Im 30weeks pregnant with baby number 5, my eldest is 10, youngest 2. We are very fortunate that my OH has a good job and works from home a lot and is a wonderful father and we have a home with lots of space (not posting to be boastful, just didnt want to incite lots of - can you afford your children/ have room for them all comments)!
The thing is when my youngest child stops breastfeeding i Really miss pregnancy/ having a baby. I adore all my children but just Love being pregnant and then having that beautiful new being to smooch and feed !
I was hoping that this 'last' pregnancy would put me off another and i'd finally feel that sense of the family being 'complete' that i've heard a lot about & had been encouraging my OH to think about the snip.
However , now that the end of the pregnancy is in sight i feel very sad that i may not ever be pregnant again and have already started referring to a possible no.6 in family conversations ...
My own childhood was lovely and very child centred, my mother wanted lots but my father put his foot down after four.
Is there something wrong with me to feel like this ?! Strangers comment with 'OMG, ur mad' at hearing my pregnancy is number 5 and relatives comment that my OH should have the snip :-/
Sorry for the rant !

maldini Sun 14-Aug-16 09:58:18

If you can afford them without state help then crack on!

maldini Sun 14-Aug-16 10:01:30

That posted before I had finished sorry!

Nothing wrong with a bigger family if you and your partner want that and can afford it / give each child enough attention etc then that's all that matters!

Whatsername17 Sun 14-Aug-16 12:56:26

The only thing I would wonder is can you give them all enough individual time? I only have one atm and I'm currently pregnant with my second and I worry about fitting in two lots of swimming lesdons/clubs, 1:1 time with two. My dd has had all of me gor 5 years amd i worry about spliting myself. That is the only thing that would concern me about having lots of kids. But, that is probably because I don't have any experience of it and I think that people with large families would be able to pooh pooh those fears.

EreniTheFrog Sun 14-Aug-16 20:47:29

As long as you can care for and parent each of them properly, it doesn't sound like you are doing anyone any harm. That said, do you need any help in thinking about why you want pregnancies and babies so intensely? If, for example, either you or your DP had a sudden illness or injury which left you infertile, would you cope?

UnicornPee Sun 14-Aug-16 22:08:36

Look at the Radfords. 19 kids and they all look happy and well kept. Similar sitch to you in that they have their own large house and a business.
As long as it's not a case of you only like pregnancy and babies be issue obviously like a puppy they grow up into big annoying children :-)

Fluffsnuts Mon 15-Aug-16 09:26:11

Depends. I'm one of 5 as my mum felt as you do. It made it very hard growing up as mum clearly favoured the baby (which ever was baby at the time) even though she would adamantly deny that and as young children's needs are more overt it meant older ones were often overlooked and individual time was virtually non-existent. My relationship with my mum suffered as a result. My siblings all feel similar.

Dogsmom Mon 15-Aug-16 09:51:08

On one hand I think of you can afford then then there's no problem but on the other I feel a bit sorry for kids with lots of siblings because of how little 1:1 attention they'll get from their parents, I only have 2 dd's aged 18m and 3yo and see the jealousy and how they vie for my attention yet they get plenty.

Also there will come a time when you physically can't have more kids so you need to start coming to terms with never being pregnant again at some point.

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