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Mouse poo - worried

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MammaMia1234 Sat 13-Aug-16 11:58:39

We have recently done a big clear out in our garage and stumbled across quite a bit of mouse poo in there - I knew we'd had them at one point ages ago because we found them dead inside a bag of bird seed. But when moving things we'd had in the garage for ages, we noticed all the poo. I freaked myself out a bit by googling mouse poo and pregnancy and finding out about LCMV disease which can be transmitted through inhaling or ingesting rodent feces/urine. Obviously i haven't ingested it but just slightly worried as it was windy and blowing everything about the garage - scared I might have breathed in some particles.

Nottalotta Sun 14-Aug-16 15:36:08

I spoke to someone at work about this in my last pregnancy. He basically said you would have to get it in your mouth while it was still fresh, within 15 minutes of it being done by the mouse. I have ponies so hay stored and feed etc. There's always mice about and sometimes rats. I wash hands carefully obviously but he put my mind at ease.

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