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22 weeks and still an emotional wreck

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lia666 Thu 11-Aug-16 17:21:15

I am still finding myself crying at almost everything, I have 2 children already and this will be my 3rd, the 2 kids are driving me round the bend most of the time, and me and my husband are just not getting on, and I keep crying at the stupidist little thing, I know it's no good for me or the baby, just really needed to say it out loud (in a fashion lol) to get it off my chest, as I can't talk to him or anyone else really, someone tell me it's just the pregnancy

bellarosa81 Thu 18-Aug-16 21:42:32

Yes it's the pregnancy!
I totally feel the same way , I'm not much fun to be around at all! Everything pisses me off. This is my 3rd pregnancy too and me eldest is being very difficult and not listening , my OH often doesn't listen to me and to top it off we are temporarily living with the in laws who constantly tell me I should me doing more/be more active.
It will get better ! Hugs .

livelyredjellybean Fri 19-Aug-16 07:48:04

My first pregnancy, now 24 weeks. I am crying at everything! Cried because a gorgeous group of girls (aged 3 - 12 ish) came into my work, cried because I was doing the washing up, cried because my OH didnt cuddle me enough before he got in the shower... its beyond!!!

Smile150 Fri 19-Aug-16 08:24:37

I'm exactly the same and I have no one near me to talk to as my mum and nan live 2 hours away and my partner is useless and is not supportive at all and isn't there for me. So I cannot even tell him how I feel he won't even help look after our two year old so I can have a break I have to do every thing and if I'm moody or crying due to pregnancy he shouts at me and says I'm nasty and a psycho and need to sort my head out as I'm causing problems and arguments and he isn't havine it. I've told him several times if he helped a bit more would take the strain of me and he says yeah I will but only to shut me up. I feel completely alone like I have no one.

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