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Milk of Magnesia - safe or not?

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UrbanYokel93 Wed 10-Aug-16 10:53:47

My pregnancy app cheerfully told me this morning I've made it to the Third Trimester and am now on the "home straight". Well yay, I am indeed very pleased and blessed I've made it so far without any trouble.

But now I have regular heartburn/acid reflux and fart constantly. It's miserable.

I used to take milk of magnesia when I got indigestion, but my GP/chemist don't know if it's safe to take or not in pregnancy. They aren't saying it's not safe, just that there's no information that confirms it is. Has anyone taken or been advised by their GP etc that it's safe?

I've been told Gaviscon is safe but it doesn't work for me-last time I took it it was a bit scary as it made my throat numb!

I haven't bothered asking the mythical creature who is my midwife. She appears at the doctors surgery for 2 hours a week then disappears in a puff of smoke the rest of the time (anyone else have the same experience of this btw??)

Thanks in advance!

isthatpoisontoo Wed 10-Aug-16 11:03:46

I wouldn't risk taking something I don't know is safe. I don't think you'll be able to get an answer, as they don't test things like this on pregnant women for fear of doing harm.

In my area, they encourage you to ring the midwife triage number (it should be on your notes) with questions like this, rather than trying to get hold of your own midwife. I'd call and ask them. Or try the gaviscon chewy tablets, which would probably be better for your throat.

Sympathies. I'm pregnant, too, and I never knew how much I would suffer with heartburn!

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