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Anti-S antibody and/or hereditary elliptocytosis

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INeedNewShoes Wed 10-Aug-16 09:32:00

Does anyone have any experience of either Anti-S antibody or hereditary elliptocytosis in relation to pregnancy?

I have been ttc this year and have become pregnant three times and lost each of the three pregnancies, two of them within a week of getting a BFP the other was a MMC discovered at 11 weeks.

A blood test done by the hospital when I went for the ERPC showed that I have Anti-S antibody and the doctor who did the ERPC said this antibody may have caused the miscarriage and that I should take aspirin. I was told this but given no information about it. From what I have read online it means that any pregnancy will need to be monitored in case the baby becomes anaemic. But from what I've read online Anti-S doesn't cause clotting issues so I don't understand the Aspirin recommendation in relation to it.

Also, I was told following a blood test as a teenager that I have a proportion of my red blood cells that are elliptical shaped which has the name elliptocytosis. Generally this is symptomless (nb. it isn't sickle cell anaemia) but I wonder whether this may be causing a clotting issue when I'm ttc.

I feel a bit abandoned knowing I have two weird blood things but not really understanding how they might affect pregnancy and what I should be doing about it.

I don't want to take Aspirin unless I am sure that I do have clotting issues because it seems a step too far to take something to thin my blood if I don't have proven clotting issues. Also I have ulcerative colitis which is currently well controlled but can be provoked by Aspirin.

Does anyone know anything about either of these?

Seekingmiracles Wed 10-Aug-16 10:28:42

Sorry for your losses. I would get yourself referred to your local recurrent miscarriage clinic. They will look into things more for you and give you a treatment plan should you need it.
I wouldn't start aspirin without further medical advice due to your colitis.
Good luck, I know from how hard it can be.

INeedNewShoes Thu 11-Aug-16 08:28:53

Thank you Miracles for replying.

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow and I'm hoping that she will organise a referral for me. My midwife is on the case too trying to establish who might be best able to help me.

I just don't like not being able to do my own research because there's not much info online about either of my blood weirdnesses. The colitis was very difficult to come to terms with but something I found was hugely helpful was to do tons of research so that I understood what I was dealing with and what the treatment options were. I'm struggling to take the same approach here and I find it uncomfortable not understanding my own health issues!

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