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38 weeks insanely itchy fingers

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DesignedForLife Wed 10-Aug-16 03:26:39

I'm 38+5 and the last couple of nights my fingers have been insanely itchy. It's waking me up and can't sleep. Thought it was eczema at first, but no dry skin or lumps or anything.

Has anyone else had this? Or have any idea what it could be?

celeryeater Wed 10-Aug-16 03:39:23

I would speak to your midwife. Is there a rash?

Notso Wed 10-Aug-16 03:45:19

Try piriton for the itching and mention it to your midwife. They may test for OC, especially if the piriton doesn't calm the itching.

DesignedForLife Wed 10-Aug-16 04:07:13

No rash, that's part of why I'm worried. Wouldn't OC have itching elsewhere?

Piriton doesn't seem to be advised near due date.

MissBeaHaving Wed 10-Aug-16 04:10:11

Hi Op,Maybe I'm a bit over cautious but it might be worth getting checked out by a medical professional if the itching is bad enough to wake you up.

SharingMichelle Wed 10-Aug-16 04:14:57

Hang on... i have dim memories of this happening to a woman in my antenatal group (over 10 years ago). It was completely treatable, but was serious. It was a symptom of... liver or kidney problem i think? Sorry. Really can't remember exactly but i think you should get it checked out asap.

Notso Wed 10-Aug-16 04:35:34

When I had itching in pregnancy I was told piriton was ok but the drowsy kind. They said if the piriton stopped the itching then it was just pregnancy related itching which was common.I had itching on my legs and arms no rash. I was monitored twice weekly and had weekly blood tests, my levels were not high enough for definite OC but not low enough to rule it out.
A good soother for the itching is a tub of e45 or similar and a tub of Vick mixed together and kept in the fridge.

MissBeaHaving Wed 10-Aug-16 04:36:29

OC causes itching without rash,I don't know which areas of the body it does or doesn't affect but for itching that so bad it wakes you up in third trimester,I would think the best option is to be checked out.

When was last time you saw your midwife Op?

DesignedForLife Wed 10-Aug-16 07:52:15

Last saw midwife two weeks ago, and got an appointment this morning, so I'll talk about it then. I've tried some of DH's eczema cream - doublebase, which soothes it for a moment but doesn't stop it. Just don't want another complication, just been discharged from the consultants for placenta preavia that finally moved at 37 weeks!

Sleepybeanbump Wed 10-Aug-16 07:57:26

OP a friend of mine from NCT had this and it was obstetric cholestasis as someone as linked to already upthread.

All was fine but did did have to be induced early and urgently (she was still at work and they made her go in for induction part way through the day, no bag packed of anything! I'm saying this not to alarm you but so you can prepare if that's what it is. Like I said it was absolutely fine, but a bit of a shock for her!

I'd definitely get it checked out. Good luck.

Notso Wed 10-Aug-16 09:12:51

Fortunate that you are seeing the midwife. Hope all is well.

DesignedForLife Wed 10-Aug-16 09:34:52

Sleepy - maybe I'll go make sure bag is packed now then shock

Obliviated Wed 10-Aug-16 09:38:26

I've had choliostasis twice. My only symptoms were itchy hands (the other symptom is itchy feet), you'll need a blood test to check your bile acids. I wasn't induced until 40 weeks either time.

DesignedForLife Wed 10-Aug-16 13:31:54

The midwives have done blood tests, though didn't seem too worried, and didn't tell me anything about it. Should get results in next two days.

frikadela01 Wed 10-Aug-16 16:40:28

I started with itchy hands at 36 weeks. I had a blood test and was called in the next day where consultant confirmed OC. I was already under consultant care due to high BP. Was told if I had OC alone I would be induced at 40 weeks however I was induced at 39 due to the combination of risks.

The worst thing about PC is that the itching tends to be increased at night and is on the palms of hand and soles of feet, the itching seriously kept me awake for hours and made my hands in particular very sore. It went straight away after i gave birth.

frenchknitting Wed 10-Aug-16 21:32:56

Yep, my OC started with itchy hands and feet. Eventually I was itching every random place (inner ear was particularly hellish), and I was induced at 36 weeks (itching started at 28). Latest advice is to induce by 38 weeks.

So yep, double check your bag, and be prepared for the possibility. It's good that they have tested you, a lot of people have to really push for it, for some reason.

Floopy21 Wed 10-Aug-16 22:30:54

Has anyone had the itching & it wasn't OC?

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