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Spotting during third trimester

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Alice1209 Wed 10-Aug-16 00:14:08

Hi all

Has anyone else had spotting during pregnancy? I was at the hospital 3 times last week and they were unable to find a cause and seemed unsure if and when I should go back if I'm still getting it. It's making me very worried as I'm in my third trimester anyone else with this problem? Or know people who have had something similar. Need some advice and reassurance pls!

GashleyCrumbTiny Wed 10-Aug-16 12:08:23

I had three weeks of pink discharge from 28 weeks on. Like you, I was back and forth to the hospital to be checked (and given another dose of anti-D, told all was fine but to come back if it happened again. It was intermittent for three weeks, and after my third visit I pushed a bit harder as to whether I really should keep going back when it basically wasn't stopping, but I had no other symptoms and they kept finding nothing wrong. In response to that, midwife said that they prefer to be cautious, she didn't want to tell me not to bother, and I should come back if I was at all worried - but "if it was me I wouldn't bother for pink discharge". Basically, they didn't want to tell me it was fine, although it probably was, and it was up to me how safe to play it.

Because it was just pink discharge, not proper bleeding, because everything else has been normal and fine, and all checks/scans they did looked fine, I didn't go back. I've had a midwife appointment in that time and all checks were fine. I mentioned it to her and she agreed with the "probably fine" advice - although stressed I should call in if it became proper red blood, I had any pain, or was at all worried about anything. Everything has continued normal and it's pretty much tapered off to nothing this week (am now just on 32 weeks).

It's worrying, especially when they don't find out why it's happening, but it can be one of those things. As I say, mine was very minimal pink discharge, all movement was normal, and no pain or other symptoms, so after several checks I felt safe riding it out. But I had to push a bit for them to confirm that wasn't foolhardy! Don't ever be afraid to go get checked if you're worried - but don't panic. I was told it can be nothing - to quote "It's not normal but it is fairly common".

Alice1209 Thu 11-Aug-16 22:09:59

Thanks so much for your response! Greatly appreciated! smile Very similar stories. I ended up going back last night as I had a normal app today and I didn't want the midwife to tell me to go back or should have been back by now. They ended up telling me wasn't any need to come in after advising me to go in on the phone!!! so they just checked baby heart beat and I was on my way. Thankfully nothing today so far. Hopefully won't need to go back again. Thanks for the reassurance.

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