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Ovulation & Getting Pregnant

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Charll Tue 09-Aug-16 19:05:34

hi girls,

me and my partner are trying for our second child. we dont have sex on a regular basis just as and when in the moment; but i do know the best ways to concieve are in my fertility week. i have this app where i keep record of periods which also tell me my fertile days and ovulation day. we had sex the 4th day of my fertile week (1st aug), which is 2 days before ovulation day (4th aug). whats the chances of me being pregnant? as the last 3 days ive been feeling very lightheaded/dizzy, abit sicky but presume its because of the dizziness, headache for the whole 3 days and cramping today. im unsure whether to go to doctors incase its something more cos surely i wouldnt be getting symptoms this soon? or hope its down to pregnancy and wait? whens best for me to test other than waiting until the 21st for my period? has anyone gone through something similar? can you tell me your stories/advise me please? thankyou smile

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