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39 weeks, itchy and fed up

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Cinnamon84 Mon 08-Aug-16 17:58:52

First timer here, will be 39 weeks tomorrow and have what I think is PUPPP/PEP (a horrible stinging and itchy rash all along the stretch marks on my bump and hips) but doctor has taken blood to check for liver issues. Has anyone else had similar?
The pregnancy has all been good up until now, think I've put on too much weight due to eating far too much, but over the last couple of weeks I've been feeling huge and achey and now this bloody rash is doing my head in. It's making it difficult to sleep as its so itchy and I'm worried when it comes to giving birth I'm going to be really exhausted, also the skin on my bump stings so much I don't want anyone touching me and I worry this is going to make labour even more difficult. Just feeling ugh and wondered if anyone has any advice/ can offer any support?

frenchknitting Tue 09-Aug-16 06:43:08

Hi, sorry, I don't know anything about PEP. I did have cholestasis though, so can sympathise on the itching! I don't know how different PEP is, but for me the most important thing was keeping cool, and putting lots of lotion on so that I was less likely to break the skin when I scratched.

It's good that they are doing liver tests to rule that out. If you do have abnormal liver function, they will probably induce you immediately. Doesn't sound like it though, with the rash.

Does PEP resolve itself straight after birth?

Cinnamon84 Wed 10-Aug-16 22:38:15

Thanks for your reply, still waiting on liver results from blood test but have convinced myself it's PUPPP from reading symptoms from other people. It really is shit but yes apparently it goes after labour. I'm worried I'm going to have an itching fit during labour making the whole thing even more painful sad

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