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Transverse lie! Will he move?

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butterfly92 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:20:29

I am 29 weeks tomorrow and went for a 4d scan and they found him in a transverse lie position! Like this (excuse the crap drawing lol)!

I know there is a chance he will probably go head down again but surely he cannot be comfortable like the picture! He cannot even stretch his legs out! Rather worrying as I heard you can have complications if in transverse lie i.e cord issues sad

Thanks! My placenta is posterior and not low lying.

Threeboysandus Sun 07-Aug-16 17:24:15

Position of baby is only relevant after 36 weeks. They can turn at any time up until then. There is a risk of cord prolapse of waters go but again this is not likely until full term when your baby will prob be head down anyway. And they are flexible little things and would be comfortable in there smile

workingMummy2305 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:25:05

Thats a lovely drawing!
You have bags of time for baby to turn, You shouldnt worry at all. Bubba will soon get cramped for space and turn one way or another.bDid you find out girl or boy btw? X

butterfly92 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:35:15

Thanks all! So worrying sad and yes it is a boy smile x

kiki22 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:46:17

Do not worry at all for me ds1 spent weeks breech and ds2 was transverse for weeks they both changed to head down before 36 weeks and engaged early. It really means nothing they have so much space and time to move at your stage.

Shanster Mon 08-Aug-16 02:34:02

At 29 weeks is totally normal for a baby to be transverse. I'm on my third pregnancy, and all 3 have been transverse - the first turned head down at 37 weeks, the second at 39 (the day before a scheduled c-section which was then cancelled), and I'm 37 weeks with DC3 right now and he's also transverse (in the past 3 weeks, he's also been footling breech and vertex). DC2 was almost 10lbs, and he was still able to get head down at 39 weeks with no help.....don't worry about it just yet.

MoreGilmoreGirls Mon 08-Aug-16 03:21:46

Mine was breech till 36 weeks, plenty of time yet. Check out for exercises you can do to help them turn but you really don't need to worry yet.

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