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Only 7 weeks and struggling to function!

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SquedgieBeckenheim Sun 07-Aug-16 16:17:52

I never felt quite this awful in the early days with DD!
I don't have morning sickness, but I do have heartburn, so that's making me struggle to eat. Gaviscon, in my opinion, is the work of the devil and makes me gag so can't take that.
I feel exhausted all the time.
I feel shaky and lightheaded this weekend.
I just don't know how to cope with work and DD when all I want to do is lie down and feel sorry for myself. I know I shouldn't complain.

chocoLit Sun 07-Aug-16 16:19:26

Be kind to yourself. Your body is working harder than it ever has right now.

Second trimester will hopefully be better for you smile

SquedgieBeckenheim Sun 07-Aug-16 16:28:06

The "second trimester bloom" never happened with DD! That's when SPD, anaemia, and heartburn hit with DD. At no point with DD did I ever feel any semblance of normal. I'm expecting this time around to have 9 months of feeling various states of crappy. I just expected to be able to retain some functionality...

chocoLit Sun 07-Aug-16 16:35:33

All three of my pregnancies were completely different. Fingers crossed its the same for you. And congratulations btw

April241 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:11:42

Try rennie ice for the heartburn, I've found it a bit easier to take than anything liquid.

Penelopeontherun Sun 07-Aug-16 17:48:01

Just came on to say I sympathise and totally feel your pain. Six weeks in for me - first pregnancy. Absolutely knackered, very painful trapped gas (sipping a mint tea at the mo) and threw up for the first time in years the other day. Also feeling disappointed because family have started to guess, and in my head only DH and I would know until the 12 week scan sad

Hope your symptoms start to ease up soon.

SnugglySnerd Sun 07-Aug-16 17:51:35

I feel your pain. I'm nearly 7 weeks with my second too. I'm exhausted and have been nauseous since Thursday. Starving but can't think what I'd like to eat.
I felt exactly the same with DD and it stopped at exactly 12 weeks so fingers crossed it will this time round too. Of course I didn't have a toddler to entertain first time round and could just lie of the sofa!
Hope you feel better soon.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Sun 07-Aug-16 17:55:17

I'm 13 weeks tomorrow and I can honestly say it's only been the last 2 days that I've felt like a functioning adult, I have ds 16mths and I didn't feel anywhere near as exhausted with him. I've had no morning sickness it's just been the unbearable exhaustion.

SquedgieBeckenheim Sun 07-Aug-16 18:23:11

Thanks for all your responses!
I will look out for Rennie ice and try that. I'm on omeprazole, but it's not the miracle cure it was last time!
The worst is the exhaustion and now light-headedness. I don't trust myself with DD when I feel so lightheaded, and she is a real limpet.

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