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Best nappy cream and nipple cream

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Vap0 Sun 07-Aug-16 10:49:26

Hi All

I'm just doing an Amazon order for the essentials and am wondering what the best creams are for nipples and babies bottoms. I have heard about Bepanthan and Lanisoh (apologies for spelling).
What other essentials are needed?
I'm bulk buying water wipes and nappy sacks too.
Buying Aldi nappies

What else will we need?

Thanks in advance

Lules Sun 07-Aug-16 10:51:41

Water wipes are rubbish. Use ordinary johnsons or huggies. Metanium cream is the best, but you might find you don't need to use cream very often - it depends how sensitive your baby's skin is/if you change them very frequently

Artandco Sun 07-Aug-16 10:54:17

Lanisoh is good

I never needed any nappy cream. Usually just changing nappy frequently enough ( every 2 hrs min) and letting them play nappy free is enough they shouldn't need any

LillianFullStop Sun 07-Aug-16 11:05:59

I've just bought these too! And off friends recommendations I've gone with Huggies Pure for nappy changes and Water Wipes for wiping their hands/chin etc.

My friends rave on about Lanisoh for nipple cream - for nappy balm friends have gone with all different ones so I don't think any stand out. I went with a tub of Sudocreme.

winewolfhowls Sun 07-Aug-16 12:07:38

Lanisioh is expensive but seriously lasts for ever.

Burts bees bottom cream smells amazing and also a bit expensive but lasts ages. I used to open the bottle just to have a sniff. Also very effective.

Hinkypunk Sun 07-Aug-16 13:36:44

Aloe Vera gel is the best for nappy rash. 100% natural and very cheaply available.

EmzDisco Sun 07-Aug-16 13:40:14

Hardly ever need nappy cream, have lived off the free samples from Emma's diary and boots and all the other places that bombard new parents! I think I've got tiny tubes of each.

Lanisoh is awesome, never needed it for my nipples but I did get cracked knuckles from the extra hand washing last winter and it sorted them out a treat.

TheCrumpettyTree Sun 07-Aug-16 14:28:00

I don't use nappy cream that much. For a sore bottom I use metanium, you don't need that much of it. Or if it's only a little bit red I use sudocrem care and protect. Otherwise I don't use anything. Wipes I just buy unperfumed wipes. Pampers are good as are Aldi.

bobbinpop Sun 07-Aug-16 14:29:02

Lansinoh is the only one to go for! Nappy cream you can go much cheaper. I'd only use the expensive nappy creams if there's a flare up of nappy rash (when teething, etc) and use shop own brand zinc and castor oil, or Vaseline, after each change.

milpool Sun 07-Aug-16 14:42:14

Lansinoh is the one. It also doubles up as a really excellent lip balm grin

We've never really needed nappy cream tbh, we did use a little Metanium once or twice but she was mostly ok without.

Water Wipes aren't that good tbh. Have you considered cloth wipes? Much better than cotton wool and water or disposable wipes.

greenlizard Sun 07-Aug-16 14:50:27

Lansinoh for nipples definitely and second for cracked hands too. Nappy cream - good old sudocreme for average nappy changes and metanium on standby for when you get flare ups. Regular nappy changes and bare bottom time when you can are the best defence.

Nappies - I tried all sorts but settled on Pampers as the ones that leak the least. Re wipes, I mostly get Asda extra sensitive non fragranced ones which are £6 for a big box.

Also mainly washed him in water for the first six months with a little bit of burts bees wash when needed. Smells lovely and very gentle. I also sometimes used a bit of aveeno baby bath when his skin got a bit dry which sorted him out.

Pixie2015 Sun 07-Aug-16 14:52:38

Metanium nappy cream is amazingly magic for any age sores x

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Sun 07-Aug-16 14:57:30

Coconut oil and lasinoh

billabye Sun 07-Aug-16 16:35:35

Lansinoh for nipples and the yellow Metanium for nappy rash. I didn't bother with a barrier type nappy cream, just the Metanium when there was a flare up. If you're going to Aldi to buy nappies I'd recommend their sensitive wipes. Great quality and cheap, also don't clump together and come out of packet easily with only one hand.

Vap0 Sun 07-Aug-16 19:22:06

Thanks for all the replies ladies, this is very helpful grin

I'll not bother with the water wipes then. Pleased I asked. Would the other sensitive ones be ok on a newborn? Probably will buy the Aldi sensitive ones if so, is it really lazy not wanting to bother with cotton wool? It freaks me out a little. I do like the idea of cheeky wipes but not at the minute, I want to wait until we are settled a little into a routine before switching to them.
Lanisoh is certainly on the list and am really pleased to hear nappy rash isn't a massive problem. Think I'll buy some of this metanium, will have a look now.

What about maternity pads? Any suggestions on good ones? How many should I buy? I'm having a c section, does this make any difference?

I have bought reusable breast pads so all sorted there.

ohidoliketobe Sun 07-Aug-16 19:30:54

Aldi sensitive wipes are great. I found water wipes just smeared stuff around and Huggies pure quite thin - the last thing you want mid bum change is a wipe tearing. . .

We got a big tub of sudacrem and DS only seems to get nappy rash when teething. A blob of this at bum change has been all we need and 2 years later the tub is over half full.

Pads - I tried pads from everywhere. From memory boots, tesco and sainsburys were good. Boots was 3 for 2 on pads the other week and I stocked up (36 wks with DC2). I think I've got 9 of the regular thick ones and 3 of the thinner ones. Again, from memory, I went through about 1 x 10pk every day and a half (ish) for about 10 days and then a week on the thinner pads. BUT I had a post partum haemorrhage and lost a lot of my blood from that so I'm expecting the bleeding to last a bit longer this time (assuming no repeat PPH!) The important thig is to get enough to see you through the first few days at home, you can send partner / mum out/ online order for more supplies once you're settled.

ohidoliketobe Sun 07-Aug-16 19:32:36

That's 9 thick and 3 thin packs of pads. Not individual pads. That wouldn't last the first day!!

redcaryellowcar Sun 07-Aug-16 19:38:24

I think you were right to start with, I'd recommend lasinoh and bepanthen, you can use bepanthen every day as its not medicated, some are (eg metanium) so you can use bepanthen as a barrier cream to prevent rather than cute but it does the curing very well too!
I like simple wipes, I used cotton wool and water in very early days but with ds2, switched to simple wipes without any problems in the fairly early days.

Justnapping Sun 07-Aug-16 19:45:36

Lansinoh and metanium! Both excellent products

PlugUgly Sun 07-Aug-16 19:47:58

Don't use sudocrem!!!!! If you don't believe me try it on your own bottom.... It burns!!! Makes sensitive skin bright red and really hurts!

Swearwolf Sun 07-Aug-16 20:10:00

Everyone will tell you lansinoh, but I hate it! It's really sticky and hurts sore nipples, and it made my skin sorer, like vaseline does. I liked the mothercare nipple cream, I think it's called 'it's my body'. Just in case you don't like the lansinoh either.

I also loved Water Wipes, don't write them off! But now we've moved on, the Pampers sensitive are the best, nice and thick and kind to skin.

Swearwolf Sun 07-Aug-16 20:10:59

Also, kind of related, the lansinoh breast pads are definitely the best!

Titchypanda Mon 08-Aug-16 08:32:40

Ive been wondering about nappy creams too! I cannot bear the feel of sudocrem and thick creams on my skin and can't put them on my niece without using gloves as a barrier. Are there thinner creams that work well? I don't really want to be having to find gloves everytime i need to change baby's nappy! Although at 4 months I've got a while to go yet!

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