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Vitamin b6 and luteal phase

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MmmMalbec Sat 06-Aug-16 10:14:48

I took seven seas trying for a baby vitamins twice and both cycles (completely separate months) I ovulated over a week later than usual. But I only have a 10 day LP with some spotting before currently so I'm trying to lengthen it. I think b6 caused the delay in ovulation but I've read it has a lot of success in extending LP. I'm wondering whether any one took it after ovulating only and saw an increase in their LP?

smellsofelderberries Sat 06-Aug-16 13:12:16

B6 never really helped much with LP for me and it also delayed ovulation, but I had success with taking high dose vitamin C. Small clinical trials have seen promising results. I took 1000mgs daily (boots do a 500mg tablet) with a B complex, folic acid and vitamin D daily, then 50mgs B6 after ovulation until my period started (though TBH my period never started the cycles I took the vitamin C as I fell pregnant!) I would then move onto the pre-natals once pregnant, taking those in the evenings and just one high dose vitamin C in the mornings, so only 500mgs of vitamin C daily once pregnant (plus whatever is in the pre-natals).

MmmMalbec Sat 06-Aug-16 14:11:17

Thanks for that, really useful.

I started with 200mg of vitamin c after reading the study but I was a bit nervous to take such a high dose straight away! I've got some 1000mg ones from asda that I was hoping to move on to. Did you start straight away?

Did you not find that the b6 in the b complex affected your ovulation then?

I'm taking vitamin d and folic acid too.

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