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Lack of movements

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sj257 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:35:41

I'm 16+2 today, first felt my baby move at 15 weeks and have felt every day since, however yesterday I can't say that I felt anything for definite. Nothing yet this morning but I have a pain down one side of my stomach. I had a private gender scan on Wednesday and he was wriggling away there but I only felt one movement there so I am aware that I'm probably only feeling his strongest movements. I'm just not sure whether I should be going to get checked out? I know many people haven't felt movements at all at this stage...

Artistic Fri 05-Aug-16 09:37:39

It's always worth checking out if you are worried especially about the pain. I never felt movement until 20+ weeks, so it's still early days for you.

sj257 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:41:43

I'm not sure where to ring, I tried to make a midwife appointment for today yesterday but was told there was no availability so not got one now until Tuesday.

BarbLives Fri 05-Aug-16 09:42:05

My midwife said to keep an eye on movements from 26 weeks. Little point before then as the foetus is so small it can just move into a different position, and they can't do anything before then anyway.

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 05-Aug-16 09:42:59

Before 24 weeks I think the advice is to see your GP for a referral.

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 05-Aug-16 09:43:41

Sorry I meant to add try not to worry too much. Baby is absolutely tiny compared to the size of your womb right now.

SparrowSG Fri 05-Aug-16 09:47:45

I was in the same boat as you on Wednesday. I have been feeling movements now for 3 weeks (I'm just over 21 wks) and on Wednesday baby was very quiet. I called my Labor Line as listed on my notes and then my midwife called yesterday morning and I went in to see her. Yes, there is not much they can do at this early stage but she found the hearbeat for me and checked my 20wk scan notes and told me that as my placenta is at the front if baby has moved behind it then I will probably not feel as it's acting like a cushion. She told me that if anytime I felt worried again to contact her and she would always see me to do the same again.
If you are worried, my advice would be to give your midwife a call, it took mine 15 mins of her time and it put my mind at rest.

sj257 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:49:38

Yeah, I thought that was probably the case, however I have anxiety so until I get checked or feel something I am in panic mode 😔

YoungGirlGrowingOld Fri 05-Aug-16 09:53:55

It's quite unusual to feel anything at 16 weeks. I was 17 weeks and was told it was early and also that they didn't "worry" until 26 weeks. At my 20w scan I could see him dancing away and estimated that I was probably only able to feel 10% of it. So try not to worry too much.

Mozismyhero Fri 05-Aug-16 09:57:07

Do you have your notes (where I am they were just called green notes')? They should have a number on to call if you are worried. Or just call your hospital that you are register with and ask for anti natal. Other people are right, baby has probably just moved into a position where you can't feel them but if it were me, I would ring even if just for reassurance.

Mozismyhero Fri 05-Aug-16 09:59:00

Oh and they always advised me to lie drink a really, really cold drink then lie still as this can make the baby get moving.

April241 Fri 05-Aug-16 10:26:32

If you're definitely feeling baby movement then try drinking something cold and lying on your left side for a good half hour, concentrate and see if you can feel anything. I didn't feel anything really definite until about 21ish/22 weeks I think and it didn't start getting regular until about 25 weeks.

At my 22wk mw appt she asked if I could feel them and I said I wasn't sure, she said not to be concerned until 25 and after. Now at 28 I can have really really active days and then some days they're just lazy. Bearing in mind at 16/17 weeks baby still has a ton of room smile. Check your maternity notes though and ring the list of numbers if you're concerned.

GoFuckYourselfDailyMail Fri 05-Aug-16 10:36:28

At 16 weeks they have loads of room in there to tuck themselves away and hide. You won't feel any consistent movements until around 22-28 weeks, so do try not to worry.

The pain you're feeling in your side is almost certainly ligament pain. Does it feel like a stitch? I've had this on and off since 16 or so weeks and it really hurts! But my midwife says it's very normal and to do with everything moving and stretching.

Give your midwife a call if you're feeling anxious and think that would make you feel better. But this is my third pregnancy and nothing you're describing sounds unusual or alarming. I'm sure it's all fine smile

passthewineplz Fri 05-Aug-16 10:56:13

Please ignore the advice that others have given you, as it is very much outdated.

Please ring your hospital you should have the contact number on your notes. It will either be triage/antenatal day unit or something similar, and go and get checked out ASAP. Movements are an indication that baby is well. Reduced movements can indicate that baby is unwell, so it's always best to get checked out if there's any change whether it's reduced or increased movements. I'm sure everything is ok, however getting them checked out will give you more reassurance.

passthewineplz Fri 05-Aug-16 11:01:22

Sorry I meant ignore the advice to drink a cold drink or eat something sugary, it's outdated advice. The current advice is to get reduced movements checked out.

Mozismyhero Fri 05-Aug-16 11:36:00

Passthewine I did say to phone

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 05-Aug-16 11:37:57

Outdated information that hospitals are still using then. I gave birth 16 weeks ago and that's still what they told me to do before going in and they wouldn't see me in triage until 24 weeks as baby is too small to be put on a trace and can only be found with a doppler.

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 05-Aug-16 11:39:40

OP ring the number on your notes and follow their advice or Google for your maternity/women's health unit phone number.

passthewineplz Fri 05-Aug-16 11:44:51

They probably said this as there's nothing they can do if baby is under 24 weeks. However they could have offered to listen in with a Doppler, or offered you a scan for reassurance.

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 05-Aug-16 11:50:14

passthewineplz They advise you to have a cold drink and lie down for an hour first all the way up to birth as it is easy to miss movements if you're walking around and baby will move away from the coldness occasionally. Nothing about how far along you are, it's just to try and save you worry and a trip to hospital if it can get baby moving. It is a valid suggestion you're shooting down.

passthewineplz Fri 05-Aug-16 11:55:02

Agruffalo, it's very much outdated advice.

MaudGonneMad Fri 05-Aug-16 11:59:03

I was told it this week by my midwife, I'm 27 weeks. It's very much current advice. confused

passthewineplz Fri 05-Aug-16 12:44:30

Sorry just to clarify, it's the having a cold drink and lying on your side which is outdated advice. Lying on your left side for an hour or so to check for movements is ok.

However if you're ever in doubt that baby's movements have changed please always get checked out immediately.

Mozismyhero Fri 05-Aug-16 13:03:38

How outdated is it and have midwives been told this? I was given a cold drink to stimulate movements whilst being monitored in hospital with my DS about a year ago.

Mozismyhero Fri 05-Aug-16 13:05:54

I do agree BTW that it is always better to get in touch with midwife if any change in movement.

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