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Braxton hicks and diarrhea

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mrsbee2be Fri 05-Aug-16 01:10:20

Ok so a bit gross but need to ask someone!
Anyone else experiencing Braxton hicks & diarrhoea together?
30 weeks with DC4 & I've woken 4 days in the past week with really strong BH and then a really bad stomach....
So bad at first I thought I was starting with early labour, now I'm sort of getting used to it & it's always during the night.
Always had BH in previous pregnancies but never like this! confused
Normal or not quite right?

DesignedForLife Fri 05-Aug-16 01:50:17

I had a couple of weeks ago, but BH were strong and every 3 mins, I got seen at the hospital and they gave me buscopan to stop it. Probably worth getting seen to to see if you can stop the diarrhea. Maybe call your midwife or GP?

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