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Complete previa at 31 weeks and risk of pre term labour

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Kay159 Thu 04-Aug-16 09:33:05

My daughter has a grade 3/4 previa which seems unlikely to move. She has her 32 week scan in 11 days but showed no sign of movement at 28 week growth scan
She had a major bleed at 24 weeks and brown spotting constantly turning pink on occasion with the slightest activity.
Recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and on insulin and also has highly unstable BP and tachycardia (POTS). She also has Ehlers Danlos which carries a risk of pre-term labour more likely at 35+
To those of you with previa or past previas when did you finalise plans for the CS and at how many weeks and were you admitted prior to this.
Original plans with her consultant was admission at 34 delivery 37ish but at the 28 week appointment he wasnt available and the consultant she saw was dismissive and said nearer 39 weeks with no mention of admission prior to this
Thanks in advance

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