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DS1 was slightly early - hate the insecurity as to when DS2 will be born!

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dodi1978 Wed 03-Aug-16 23:16:25

My DS1 was born at 36+1 weeks. Not massively early I know, but unexpected nonetheless. Easy birth though and easy recovery, and he was fine as well except some early jaundice / feeding problems. So we never really had any major worries.

I am now 31 weeks with DS 2. Am currently planning to go on mat leave at 37.5 weeks - I simply don't want to waste leave, and I currently feel quite well (better than the first time round actually). Yet, I just don't like the insecurity as to when DS2 will be born. Everyone tells me that he could well be overdue or just on time, but on the other hand, I might have another baby in 5 weeks, and I may not have any proper nesting time at all.

Anyway, it will come how it comes, just wanted to know whether you can share my feelings!

CatsAndCocktails Wed 03-Aug-16 23:18:12

My DD arrived at 38 weeks and I am now pregnant and wondering if this baby will be a couple of weeks early as well. I know it could end up being two weeks late and there is often no logic to when babies choose to come along, but I can definitely share your feelings.

Chasingsquirrels Wed 03-Aug-16 23:39:26

Ds1 was 2 weeks early, totally unexpected - I kept telling myself the baby would go 2 weeks over.
Ds2 I again told myself would go 2 weeks over, although hoping it would be early. Bang on 2 weeks early again.

LotisBlue Wed 03-Aug-16 23:55:43

I was in the same boat - dc1 was slightly premature and it meant I half expected to give birth any time from around 34 weeks. I had my hospital bag packed from about 30 weeks.

One thing which took me by surprise was how nervous I felt on the 'anniversary' of the gestation I gave birth at in my first pregnancy. DP went out for the evening and I ended up going to a friend's house because I didn't want to be home alone.
In the end I went to term, but only just. I'd gone on maternity leave just before 37 weeks so I got about days at home before the baby was born.

lavenderpekins Thu 04-Aug-16 00:00:55

3 dc so far all born around 37 and 38 weeks. Expecting dc4 to come at the same time.. I'm 30 weeks at the moment but will make sure I have everything ready by 37 weeks! Good luck op

DelphiniumBlue Thu 04-Aug-16 00:09:07

I suspect baby2 might come early as well. I think some people just don't gestate for 40 weeks, that's only ever an approximate time.

Fwiw, My ds1 came at 36 weeks, no reason, all fine except jaundice ( like you). DS2 & 3 both arrived at 37 weeks, in fact I think DS3 might have been just slightly short of 37 weeks.
Be prepared, but you might as well keep working ( providing you don't have a long commute by yourself) if you feel up to it.
Good luck!

CustardOmlet Thu 04-Aug-16 20:10:45

DS1 came on his due date, so I am dreading going over due for the first time, but also absolutely do not want DS2 to be early. I'm not sure I can do a due day baby twice!!!

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