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Second trimester - feeling so much better I am worried!

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Bellabelloo Wed 03-Aug-16 21:06:07

I am 14 weeks today and suddenly feel so much better. No sickness, so much more energy. I know the 2nd trimester is meant to be the best, but do the symptoms really stop that abruptly? Am being typical anxious 1st time mum and this is likely to be my only chance and I am freaking out. I shouldn't have googled. So much stuff about missed miscarriages when symptoms stopped suddenly... Hoping someone can reassure me. Please? Wish I had my own little ultrasound machine at home!!!

Thanks! X

DesignedForLife Wed 03-Aug-16 21:43:39

It's quite normal to suddenly feel better, that's what all the pregnancy books say should happen!

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