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Tiny placental abruption at 15weeks

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EvansAndThePrince Wed 03-Aug-16 20:49:33

I went into the assessment unit a two days ago with a little bleeding. It wasn't a massive amount (took a few wipes to clear up but wasn't leaking into a pad) and the doctor did a scan to find that my placenta has come away ever so slightly. He showed me with his fingers how much, around 0.5/1cm. He told me the bleeding might go on for another day or so and would get darker then stop. It has and I'm no longer bleeding at all but he never gave any advice as to whether I should be taking it easy, on pelvic rest or anything.

Does anyone have any experience with that at all? I've been carrying on as normal which is a lot of walking and chasing after a toddler, but I don't know if that's the right thing and I don't know if I can have sex! grin

I was 15+1 on the day of the bleeding, 15+3 now.

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