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28 weeks pregnant with upset tummy...

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Baynes2012 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:25:55

Hi all, I'm 28 weeks tomorrow with my second child. I've had an upset belly for about a week now and I wanted to see if anyone else have had the same thing? I don't have diarreah but I have been going to the toilet about 4/5 times a day and have to rush to the loo. It's not like my normal stools and when I've got to go, I have to go ASAP! I feel naus

Baynes2012 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:29:16

I feel nauseas and a bit rough but generally ok. I spoke to my midwife who said go to see my GP. I went yesterday and he wasn't to concerned and said it will sort itself out. I've read it can be the on coming of labour?? Can anyone comment?? Feeling a bit nervous!

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