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Paternity Leave

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Samkate Wed 03-Aug-16 14:24:59

Hi all

I'm a bit confused about when paternity leave starts. On all the info it just says that it cannot start until the birth.

What happens if I go into labour on my husbands work day? Will the paternity pay not kick in until the baby has actually arrived? Therefore he will either have to take the few hours before the actual birth off as unpaid or as annual leave? Basically the time I'm in hospital in labour before the baby has physically come out?

I think I read somewhere that if you have the baby on a weekday then the paternity pay will start the day after?

Karabi Wed 03-Aug-16 16:40:25

At my OH's work (and mine, we work in the same place), if I go into labour on a weekday and he is called out of work, he gets paid in full for that day and paternity starts the next day.

UnicornPee Wed 03-Aug-16 18:51:36

I work in HR/payroll.
If he works part of that day the SPP will start the day after.
Currently £139.58 per week

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