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Please help me put concerns of DC3 to rest

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sugarplumfairy28 Tue 02-Aug-16 17:23:19

I shall try and be to the point. We have 2 DC, currently DS 7 and DD 5. DH and I have discussed at length having a 3rd, DH is up for having a 3rd but says ultimately he will respect my decision whatever that may be. I have several worries, DD would be at least 6 and DS 8, is that too bigger age gap? Especially for room sharing purposes?

At present DS, is more than a handful, however after doing lots of reading and speaking to family, not only apparently it normal at his age, some of specific things he does are mirror images of either DH or BIL. I know this sounds terrible, but I keep thinking I'm not sure I could handle him all over again. I think I need reassurance that people have 2 DSs that are different, and there is hope, or enough of it, that I could be worrying over nothing obviously with it being a 50/50 to start with.

I do want to move on from the baby stage of my life, I want to start my own little business, and travel/holiday a bit with the children, but I'm just not ready to say 'no more children'. Additionally we now live in Germany, the school starting age is the August after they turn 6, although there is a year of compulsory Kindergarten (free) before they start, so just as I'm looking at both children being at school, I'm also looking at signing myself up for another 5 years of not being child free. I would really appreciate it if people could tell me how they can still pursue personal interests with just one little person around, and how they manage things like holidays.

Up until now I have been effectively bullied by my Mum (who lives in a flat under our house) to not have any more, and it has put a stop to it, when I realised she was bullying me, I kinda stood a stand and said to myself she won't control me and it is between me and DH, but to say she has filled my head with concerns is an understatement, but that explains the massive gap.

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