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Injecting Tinzaparin & worried about birth options...

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user1468166567 Tue 02-Aug-16 16:18:04

Hi All,

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first. I am a consultant led pregnancy due to my age & BMI. Went along to my first consultant appointment full expecting a lecture re my BMI (however had ammo - have lost a stone and not gained any more!) but it was to tell me that due to a DVT at 17 I am to inject myself daily with bloody thinners.

At the time I was so shocked that I wasn't being lectured too about my weight again that I just nodded, agreed and smiled and didn't really take much in!

I know that the consultant said that they WONT induce me and if I need a C Section then I will have to have a general. The only other way to get an epidural is as long as I haven't injected it within last 24hrs...I mean how is anything but natural or general A going to be an option for me?!

I wanted/still want a water birth if poss and not an epidural anyway - I am just so confused and wondered if anyone had any experience of blood thinners/birth options?!

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