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pregnancy symptoms- a bit worried

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Emilyyyy Tue 02-Aug-16 02:06:25

It might be nothing (probably me just worrying) but I've got so many things up with me I just would like a bit of advice/reassurance-

I am 15 weeks pregnant, last heard the baby heartbeat about a week ago. But over the past 24 hours I have been getting a horrible stabbing pain in my upper middle right side of my abdomen, it feels like it goes right through from the front through my body straight to my back, it stays for about an hour and then goes then comes back. I have been feeling sick as well (normal symptom I know), been having horrendous headaches and been a bit zoned out. Had a few other symptoms but don't think they are related.

Can anyone tell me what it could be (hopefully reassure me) or should I go get checked out? I'm not worried sick, because its probably nothing but I am a bit concerned.

Please no one judge me if you think I'm over reacting, it's my first pregnancy and I miscarried with my last pregnancy so a bit anxious.

Thank you in advanceflowers

Essexgirlupnorth Tue 02-Aug-16 02:18:39

You are obviously worried about it so I would get it checked out.

Gunpowder Tue 02-Aug-16 02:46:38

When I was pregnant with DD1, my lovely GP told me that anxiety is a symptom of pregnancy (to stop you indulging in risky behaviour when you are pg) which made me feel a bit better. I had the symptoms you are experiencing but maybe it's an idea to make an appointment to see your MW or GP and have everything checked out just in case. Then you can put your mind at rest. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I'm sorry about your earlier loss.

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