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Ttc with holiday booked in December 2016

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Kaisha02 Mon 01-Aug-16 22:55:24

My husband and I have agreed that I will come off the pill (Yasmin, 7 years) and let my body take its time to adjust. After that we won't actively ttc, we'll just not use contraception and see how things go.

I'm expecting it to take at least a few months for my body to return to normal (if not more), assuming we are lucky enough to be able to conceive naturally.

We have a week in NYC booked in December 2016. If things happen quicker than expected and I do fall pregnant anytime between now and then would this be an okay time to travel?

When are the best and worst times to travel in pregnancy taking in things like sickness etc? We are planning on being able to do a lot of walking and exploring in the cold weather and would just like to know in advance if there's any reason this may be a challenge.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 01-Aug-16 23:00:16

You will be fine. I didn't get sickness abd we went on mini European break in April and I was due September and that was perfect. I didn't want to travel two months before. Mainly I was so big and tired. Also lot of appointments.

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