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georgiaaawhite Mon 01-Aug-16 09:28:02

Woken up at 2am this morning with a slight gush and uncontrollable trickle of water and blood and that has been trickling out for the whole night, occupied with fairly strong contractions (enough to make me stop in mid sentence) that felt like extreme back ache, period pains and pressure in the bum blush I've also had a lot of loose stools (TMI) the contractions would come on fairly strong every 5-10 minutes but I managed to get to sleep, now I've woken up and they come now and again but not regular what so ever sad
Seeing the midwife this morning at 11, but feel like I'm just going to get sent home
Any advice/hope? X
I'm 41 + 1 and it's my first baby

Junosmum Mon 01-Aug-16 21:10:11

How did it go?

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