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Falling apart :(

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Dlah Mon 01-Aug-16 08:34:57

Nearly 28 weeks with my first and my body is starting to feel it

Because I'm sleeping on my left side so much my left arm is having issues from the should joint, it's painful to lift it up to brush my hair and feels like it's clicking

My right knee has been strangely bruised like feeling past few days, last night I knelt on my bed and was fine til I leant forward and i got an almighty burning pain right in my knee pain, which has now left an even more bruised feeling going up my leg - as though you've had bad cramp and can feel it the day after

I don't want to sound a wimp but not sure if should be telling midwife or GP, or just accepting it's probably just baby and extra weight?

KP86 Mon 01-Aug-16 08:51:11

I would mention it at your next appointment, but I'm sorry to say it probably is just pregnancy stuff, especially if you weren't particularly fit beforehand. I was pretty well done by 30 weeks and it only got worse from there.

It took me a year before I could stand up and walk properly again after birth, I was so swollen and my joints very stiff it would take me 5-10 steps to be normal if I'd been sitting or in bed for a while.

Whatsername17 Mon 01-Aug-16 10:03:25

I'd mention it to your midwife. I never got very big with my dd. Gained 2stone by the end but struggled right at the end with that extra weight and the baby's foot almost constantly in my ribs. Best tip - and it is a groan inducing 'oh do fuck off dear' type of tip - is to stay active. I know it's the last thing you feel like. But go swimming for half an hour twice a week. Swim a bit but gently. Mostly I just lay with my arms under a float and kicked and stretched my legs. Gentle walks are good too. I'm not a fitness fanatic- the last time I was in a gym was 6 years ago before I had my dd. I've got Davina's dvds that I hardly ever use. But, it really helps to keep moving.

Anotherdayanotherdollar Mon 01-Aug-16 10:07:37

Unfortunately it sounds pretty normal. Relaxin is a hormone that is elevated in pregnancy and causes ligaments to become slacker. You don't have to sleep on your left side all the time though.

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