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Nursing bra advice needed please

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3rdTriMossTer Sat 27-Jan-07 13:27:27

Wasn't sure whether to post this in the "style" thread or here!

Anyway, my question is this.

Firstly, how many nursing bras does one need? I am 31+4 weeks pg and am planning to give bf a go.

Secondly, I would like to buy one nursing bra now, just in case I go early (you never know!)

So what I need to know is about what size to buy. I am normally a 32F and haven't grown much so far, I have gone up to a 34G. What size nursing bra should I buy? 34G or one size bigger in the cup? Or one size bigger in the back?

Also where can I buy a nursing bra in this sort of size at a reasonable price? All the ones I've seen so far have been over £30 is this just par for the course?

And is there even the remotest possibility of getting a bra that looks quite nice? Or should I just abandon all hope?

TheBlonde Sat 27-Jan-07 13:35:48

Moss I can't recall where you live
Any John Lewis or similar near you?
They will do a fitting for you

I would buy one and then wait until after arrival - you can buy them online at figleaves and bravissimo

Last time round I was told to go back down a back size eg back to 32 but they were too tight post birth so I ended up buying 34s
Cup size will go up once your milk arrives

TheBlonde Sat 27-Jan-07 13:36:28

You could also try NCT

viclb76 Sat 27-Jan-07 13:39:35

If you go to mothercare they offer a free measuring service and trained advisors to give you the best advice

3rdTriMossTer Sat 27-Jan-07 13:39:39

TheBlonde hello

There is a John Lewis in Liverpool, will I have to buy a bra from them if they do me a fitting?

I looked on figleaves and I get the Bravissimo catalogue, all the bf bras were in the £30 range, I've always been quite big so have been used to paying more but it feels like they add on extra again for making them bf bras!

I will just have to grin and bear it, so do you think I should go for a 34H then, go up a cup size?

3rdTriMossTer Sat 27-Jan-07 13:41:18

viclb76 I didn't know that about mothercare, I may be going there either tomorrow or next weekend anyway, so I can ask them to measure me.

TheBlonde Sat 27-Jan-07 13:43:22

Hiya, you aren't obliged to buy a bra
Mothercare will also do fittings

It's hard to say what size you'll need, I'm not sure if it's up one or two or even three cup sizes - you need a pro to measure you really

I am currently wearing bras that are too small 36H and hoping I'll get back into my previous nursing bras 34K

viclb76 Sat 27-Jan-07 13:44:44

I went there with my 3rd and they were really helpful and I think they do a range that you wear now as a maternity bra and then doubles up as a nursing bra once you've had the baby,which is better than forking out for both.
hope this helps

3rdTriMossTer Sat 27-Jan-07 13:55:19

Thanks I will ask them in mothercare rather than buy online then, it's quite an expensive purchase so I need to be sure I'm getting the right size!!!

AllBuggiedOut Sat 27-Jan-07 14:00:46

I found Mothercare nursing bras a false economy as although they were cheaper, they didn't wear well and soon lost all their supportive powers. I got on with the Emma Jane range that jJohn Lewis sell.

Good luck!

booge Sat 27-Jan-07 14:03:39

I much prefer the bras I'm wearing this time from John Lewis to the ones I bought in Mothercare last time. I have one Elle McPherson one which is by far and away the nicest bf bra I've had. I have 4 and need at least that many as I am very leaky and sometimes forget a pad so they are always in the wash.

sazzybee Sat 27-Jan-07 14:06:40

Those Elle MacPherson ones are really pretty but I don't think they do them in huge boob size.

I'm going to try John Lewis - the lady there was very nice when I went with my friend when she was buying breast feeding bras.

peachygirl Sat 27-Jan-07 14:13:33

I went into JL a couple of weeks ago and told I was too early to be measured. They told me to ring to book an appointment then I wouldn't have to wait, maybe your branch will do this too?

3rdTriMossTer Sat 27-Jan-07 14:45:55

Well, I think I will go to Mothercare, probably tomorrow, to see if I can get just one bra just in case, and then wait until I'm a bit nearer the time and go and get fitted in John Lewis and buy a couple of more expensive ones.

No those nice Elle McP bras don't go big enough for me unfortunately looks like it's a double parachute! Never mind!

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Shivs1974 Sat 27-Jan-07 15:04:28

Your local NCT branch might have a bra lady who will do fittings. I found our one to be so much better than Mothercare and M&S.

Tommy Sat 27-Jan-07 15:23:28

I haven't had good experiences with Mothercare bra fitting tbh.
I find Debenhams much better now. You really need (IME) an "older" lady who is experienced at this sort of thing - some of the younger ones get a bit embarrassed I've found and you end up with a badly fitting bra becasue they just want to finish!

TuttiFrutti Sat 27-Jan-07 16:01:26

The NCT bras are excellent, and they do them in bigger sizes. I've also found Royce bras (sold in John Lewis and through the NCT website) good, and I bought 2 from M&S last week that were surprisingly good for the price (£25 for two, so much cheaper than anywhere else).

I agree with other people that Mothercare bras are not good as they don't give enough support and don't wear well. The Bravado bras have quite a following for larger sizes, but I find them too unflattering!

I would buy the size that fits you, and ignore all advice about buying smaller in the back/larger in the cup. Your boobs will probably increase in size immediately after the birth, but go back down after a few days to what they were just beforehand.

pistachio Sat 27-Jan-07 20:34:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pestcontrol Wed 05-Sep-07 14:31:09


I hope you don't mind me messanging you, it's just that I was 32F pre preg, have gone up to 34G, am now 37 weeks & keen to find a nursing bra that is very supportive, so wondered if you found any good bras?

I need to order it over the internet as I'm too far from shops to be able to try the one I'm interested in (Anita underwire - only have equivalent to a UK 34G & Freya Rosarie) on.

Thank you!!

missbumpy Wed 05-Sep-07 16:04:33

I've heard good things about the Freya Rosalie one. I can't rememeber where but it was another MN thread. It scores highly on the reviews on figleaves too. I'm planning to get one in a few weeks when I'm closer to my due date.
Let us know how you get on with it if you get it.

Piffle Wed 05-Sep-07 16:06:07

I have 2 x freya rosalie (lovely bra really recommend it) and 2 bravado ones whocha rejust a simple supprt good for bigger bust
I was a 36 FF
but found I was truly a 32HH and that is what my bras are now and they FIT!
Worth paying the money tbh

missbumpy Wed 05-Sep-07 16:36:49

Yet another recommendation for Freya Rosalie then. Apparently you can get 20% off at figleaves by entering the code 'birth07'. Read that somewhere on MN.
Not sure when I should buy mine. Should I leave it until 39 weeks or something?

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