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40+1 High BMI, feeling pressured for SWEEP and INDUCTION - Baby big..

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PennyCrayons Sun 31-Jul-16 17:51:09

Apologies for the very long winded post..

EDD was yesterday for baby no.3 (Saturday)

Had an appt last week and babys weight estimated at 8lb 10oz (tummy slightly bigger than head) Consultant offered me a sweep there and then and I refused- really want nature to take its course. She booked me in for S+S on Friday, but I cancelled again as EDD hadn't even passed.. they keep saying its high risk cos my BMI was 39 at booking in (now 53 as gained 7kg in this pregnancy - the docs haven't noted this) and baby growing bigger.

Apart from the BMI I have had absolutely no issues at all (no diabetes/ pelvic issues/ nausea, nada) I'm very mobile and fit otherwise- and have been at ease for the whole duration of pregnancy. Still not feeling head has engaged..but can feel movement fine.

I had my last two babies in the 'Birth Centre' but this one will be in the Labour Ward due to my BMI, as I don't fit the BC's admission criteria this time around.

I've stated many times, I wanna go natural, but they've insisted on a canula and FSE (that thing they stick in the baby's head to monitor heartrate) (fair do's) and are hell bent on me having an early intervention epidural (I refused this) as I don't wanna prolong labour and I certainly don't fancy ending up having a ventouse/ forceps delivery, worst still, an Emergency C Section. I feel like the labour ward is too much into intervention..

I've read so much about how when induced theres a high chance of needing intervention/ECS cos even though contractions may come heavy and fast, cervix may not be ready, baby gets distressed- and into the operating theatre mum goes..

So far they've booked me in for IOL (Induction of labour) at 40+7. Im wishing with all my might baby comes before then- not because I'm eager for it to come out- but cos I don't want the intervention. They just keep saying baby will grow too big and all that stuff about shoulder dysmorphia or whatever it's called when shoulders get stuck. I spoke to the head MW and explained my concerns to which she replied that ten yrs ago, she'd have have said 'go ahead, thats fine, delay the induction' but these days- she said- i'll be pushed bottom of the list and may not get and induction date until the following fortnight and by then baby would deffo be too big and labour complicated..
she said there's a lot of demand for their services so stick to the date and plan of action.

I stuck to the date for IOL as I felt so pressured.. what if at 43 weeks theres no sign of babby and theres no available date for induction either(!)

Baby's heartbeat check on Friday was perfect, it's moving fine, I'm fit and well, keeping upright and mobile (walking loads)

Previous labours all natural, gas and air, 8lb @ 8days overdue and 9lb @ 6days overdue respectively, no intervention.

What do you advise? What should I do - have an induction @ 40+7 or cancel and hope for the best? I have been offered a sweep tomorrow morning which I'm kinda talking myself around to as I wanna avoid IOL saturday.. I'm just so confused. I really wish I could go back to the birth centre again.

Weezie85 Sun 31-Jul-16 18:19:03

OK, so my induction wasn't actually that bad. I was 11 days overdue and struggling with asthma due to hayfever.
Apart from being on drip I managed to deliver with just gas and air.

However they are clearly forcing you into the birth they want. Are they really saying that if you went overdue to 42 weeks they wouldn't be able to fit you in, sounds like bull to me. Is it private or NHS? I really don't think they can say no to you if it's NHS. I don't understand why they won't just monitor you. It just seems like so much pressure to have an intervention

PennyCrayons Sun 31-Jul-16 18:36:33

Ta Weezie for your input. Its NHS (Berkshire) not private, and yes, I'm feeling very forced too. I know women who've had natural births and popped out 10 pounders! I'm just feeling so on edge.. what got to me was that the consultant (about a month ago) was really encouraging me to have early epidural as it's harder to position it later (should the need arise) cos of too much fat that gets in the way (i wont mince my words!) grr.. so frustrating. I'd love to wait till 42 weeks- is it too risky though? can the baby really get so blimmin big- is my BMI really waaaay too much? (i've seen fatter mums pushing buggies so they've made it through just fine ;) no hate)

Weezie85 Sun 31-Jul-16 18:47:35

Well speaking as a fat one myself the only reason I was happy to be induced was my asthma. If that hadn't been so bad then I would of been happy to wait. Even then my midwife and consultant never once made me feel like I was being pressured into it. They said baby was healthy, her heartbeat was perfect, no signs of distress but they felt it may of helped me.
I guess it depends on what you read, on mainland Europe 42 weeks is normal and not seen as some date that suddenly everything goes wrong. As long as baby is being monitored, you can still feel movements then I would say its all fine. I just don't believe they would let you get to 43 weeks, no matter what they threaten.

sjj257 Sun 31-Jul-16 18:55:32

As someone who had a 10lb 6 baby 15 days late and a 10lb 8 baby 11 days late, induced both times, I'd be more than happy to be induced at 41 weeks. I am in fact more than likely to be induced at term if the baby measures big this time, which I'm sure it will! I'm pretty sure i'll never go into labour naturally, and I don't fancy going so overdue again! But you've had two natural labours so I don't see why they don't just let you get on with things! 8lb 10 isn't horrendously big x

kiki22 Sun 31-Jul-16 20:08:25

Is the issue with your weight or your baby being big? A bmi of 53 is extremely high please don't kid yourself that seeing fatter mum's having made it through just fine means it will be just fine for you, being very over weight is a risk no matter how many people are, also you have no idea if they did make it through just fine anything could have happened to them.

You need to do what is right for you but I personally would take the risks seriously IF you need an epidural or spinal for a section and they can't get it in that could mean delivering under general anethetic, also if you have a cord prolapse of your baby gets stuck your weight may make it more difficult to reposition or move you. I really hope I've not upset you I don't want to but I do think you need to think of these things as real possibilities before deciding anything.

Whatsername17 Sun 31-Jul-16 21:32:13

Have the sweep. It could start everything going. I have a bmi of 23 and my midwife still booked me in for a sweep followed by induction at 41 weeks if that didn't work. No underlying health conditions other than the fact I was in slow labour and 2cm dilated. If i were you I'd trust the professionals. They see pregnant woman everyday and no the risks better than anyone, even you. All natural is the ideal, but the safety of you and your baby is paramount.

Whatsername17 Sun 31-Jul-16 21:32:51


PennyCrayons Sun 31-Jul-16 23:26:54

Thank you ALL for the wise words- sjj, kik and whats
Sjj - thank you for the lovely words, it reassures me that your babies were delievered safe and sound. One of my neighbours had a 11lb recently but shes a tiny thing herself..I'm assuming you were a healthy weight too.
Kiki- No, I'm not upset over what you've said at all- Infact, you seem to know your thing and words were wisely spoken/ written; I think its MY weight which is probably more of an issue than bubbas (as above poster said 8lb wotsit isn't horrendously big) but the high BMI brings a ton of risks with it.. like still birth, operative delivery etc.. and yes, you're right I must take the risks seriously.. my head is just stuck in the past as I was a fatty in the last pregnancies too albeit my BMI was 34 but that was nearly 8 yrs ago.. (good god, I've only just educated myself re cord prolapse :O how scary that would be)
Whatername- Ya, they do see loads of pregnant women everyday and im sure are a lot more alert than I when it comes to the risk factors. The initial two babies I had in the Birth Centre I was really at ease with as the MW's were very of the 'go down the natural route - back to basics' ideology. Even back then, the labour ward were pro intervention - are their brains just geared that way perhaps?! I think I will go with the sweep tomorrow and hope it all kicks off..I've been out all morning walking and changed the beds/ cleaned the skirting on my return.. still no sign..

Think i'll take each day as it comes. With any luck, the stress of IOL will trigger baby into action before the date..

PennyCrayons Mon 31-Oct-16 14:52:06

Just invade some is in the same position I was- take no notice of the weight the MW thinks the baby is! Apparently mine was 10lb and growing a couple weeks before EDD but at 40+5 I gave birth to a little lady who weight less than 8lb- normal delivery although very slow to progress (but I definitely put that down to having to deliver horizontally as opposed to previous labours - whereby I was upright) no complications and lucky for me, no IOL! So glad I refused it.. Although there was so much pressure from everywhere (bar my uterus obv.. )

Sausagema Mon 31-Oct-16 15:01:53

Do you mean it was 39, you put on 7kg and now your bmi is 43? 53 seems a big jump.

I'm not telling you what to do but remember anything they advise is just that, advice. You dont have to do or have anything, even if they present it as that. They can't insist you have an FSE or cannula. Do your research and stick to your guns (whatever they end up being).

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