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Stretching pains at 19 weeks

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Dueindecember2016 Sun 31-Jul-16 09:29:18

Hi everyone.

I'm sure I'm not alone but just wanted to double check. When I turn too quickly from one side to the other when I'm in bed, I get an quick stabbing sharp pain down the bottom right on hand side of my bump.

Anyone else get this?

Thanks smile

smellsofelderberries Sun 31-Jul-16 09:45:05

I had terrible pains like this around 19 weeks! I was up at the hospital with it and they did a full work up and reassured me it was just stretching pains. Felt like someone dragging a needle over my muscles from the inside. I found rolling with my legs straight made the pains much worse, it actually helped if I rolled keeping my legs bent. A faff as I'd also started sleeping with a pillow between my knees for support so the pillow had to come with! Pains eased off after a week or so and haven't returned (25 weeks)

Dueindecember2016 Sun 31-Jul-16 11:53:16

I get the stretching pains in my lower belly all the time, but I know it's just where she's growing. This pain was like a stitch you get when you've been running. I'll mention is at my scan next week just in case smile

April241 Sun 31-Jul-16 13:27:16

Sounds like the joys of round ligament pain, can be felt on both sides but more common on the right side as your uterus tilts slightly to the right in second trimester.

Slow careful movements in bed/getting in and out and when sitting/standing. Also common for you to get the pains when you sneeze etc, I used to hold my bump before I sneezed if I could.

Dueindecember2016 Sun 31-Jul-16 14:22:24

The magical world of pregnancy.

Thank you

chloechloe Sun 31-Jul-16 14:25:21

Totally normal - it's the ligaments stretching! Taking magnesium should help - but speak to your midwife first!

Desmondo2016 Sun 31-Jul-16 17:04:26

I'm 19 weeks and getting exactly this x

Dueindecember2016 Sun 31-Jul-16 17:11:30

I get a small strains when I cough and stand up quickly too

April241 Sun 31-Jul-16 17:25:39

Yep, definitely sounds like round ligament pain - wonderful isn't it grin I'm 27+2 and have more pressure now, and painful kicks to the ribs (or crotch confused) but I remember RLP being particularly sore around 18/19 weeks for a few weeks.

Solymar Mon 01-Aug-16 10:20:47

I get this quite often too I'm 20 weeks now I always find its worse when I have a full bladder X

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