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Stop start contractions. second baby

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IamChipmunk Sat 30-Jul-16 14:09:41

Anyone had this?

I'm 40+3 with dc2. Started with contractions last night about 8pm. Went off over night. More again this morning and also lost some mucus plug. Dropped off again now.

So frustrating! Thought your body was supposed to know what it's doing second time round?!

With ds I woke up with contractions, they got stronger and closer as the day went on and he was born within 24hrs of them starting. Nice and quick and neat!

This one isn't playing ball! Come on baby!

Afreshstartplease Sat 30-Jul-16 14:10:48

Happened with my first and second, but for longer with the second!

Third flew out smile

IamChipmunk Sat 30-Jul-16 18:40:58

I'm not planning another!!

They r a bit more regular now and starting to get a bit more painful, which is encouraging! I'm hoping she will be out overnight!
Or at least by this time tomorrow!shock

thecatsarecrazy Sat 30-Jul-16 19:10:16

Is your baby back to back? I had this with my son. Didn't know until after but if they're in an awkward position the contractions can stop and start. I started early a.m and had them on and off all day, got stronger about 10.30 just as I tried to go to bed and stopped again when I got to hospital. Little monkey didn't make an appearance until 1pm the next day

IamChipmunk Sat 30-Jul-16 20:29:17

No cats, had a growth scan at 39+6 and head was well down and in right position.

She is just being awkward!
Still a bit on and off but definitely getting stronger and quite painful. Still 10 mins at least between them.


Barefootcontessa84 Sun 31-Jul-16 07:57:02

How's it going chipmunk?

OohMavis Sun 31-Jul-16 08:20:48

I had this with DD! Three consecutive nights of prodromal labour, that is to say, genuinely painful contractions and come regularly but eventually taper off. Third day my midwife gave me a sweep and I had her later that evening after a super quick labour. Those pains were doing something I believe!

Hope you're having lovely new baby cuddles right now.

IamChipmunk Sun 31-Jul-16 08:43:55

Sadly not! Still having contractions! Although down to about 5 mins apart and very painful.
Still a bit stop start but surely must be getting nearer now!
They tapered off last night but started again at 3.30am so been up since then. Urgh!

Dsis is here to look after ds (optomisticly!) But now seem stuck at 5 mins.
considering ringing hospital and asking if I can go so they can do a sweep!

Afreshstartplease Sun 31-Jul-16 08:54:55

No harm asking!

Jodie1982 Sun 31-Jul-16 09:41:02

I would definitely call for them to check in on baby, see if he/she is happy and for them to hopefully give you a little nudge to help you along. Good luck!

IamChipmunk Mon 01-Aug-16 12:53:15

Update! we went in yesterday morning and when they examined was 4cm! Did a sweep to help things along and baby was born at lunchtime! grin

Jodie1982 Mon 01-Aug-16 13:53:30

Awwww Chipmunk that's excellent news. Hope all went well. Congratulations flowers

OohMavis Mon 01-Aug-16 13:55:42

Congratulations! Those contractions were doing something after all grin

Enjoy the snuggles. Can't wait for my turn in a few weeks.


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