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9 week scan and only measuring 6wk2d

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StarBee123 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:52:51

So I have paid for a private scan for reassurance today as have had 2 previous mc (may 2015 and Dec 2015). The scan (abdominal) showed the baby as 6.2 weeks not 8.6 which is what it should be. I'm am as sure as I can be about my dates as know the date of my last period and exactly when we conceived (or so I thought!?). Has anyone else had a positive outcome from this sort of situation? I went straight to the EPU and they did a vaginal scan and dated the baby as the same as the private scan, with a heartbeat which would be right for around 6 weeks. I'm freaking out as had a scan last time I was pregnant and the baby was dated 2.5 weeks behind where it should be (with a heartbeat) then I had a mc about 2 days later. The EPU nurse said everything looked normal this time so hasn't booked me back in for another scan and there wasn't anything they could do anyway if the baby is going to perish 😔 so I now just have an agonising wait to see what happens. I have booked another private scan for a week today to see if the baby has grown or not but the though of waiting that long seems horrendous. Am totally expecting the worst because of my history, so I thought I would see whether there is a glimmer of hope and if anyone out there has had a similar experience which ended up as a positive outcome? Thanks in advance! Ps I am totally still having pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, sickness and tiredness. Can I really be 2.5 weeks behind and everything be ok? 🤔🤔🤔

PotteringAlong Fri 29-Jul-16 16:53:59

How sure are you that you that you ovulated when you did?

thelionsleeps Fri 29-Jul-16 16:58:10

A heartbeat is a really good sign. Do you have a long cycle? I booked a private scan but didn't take into account that my cycle is 34 days so was behind what I should have been iyswim. Also you can ovulate a bit later which can mean things are behind.

I did have a scan where I was 2 weeks behind but the heartbeat was very slow which I knew wasn't right and unfortunately it didn't happen. It sounds very positive if there is a heartbeat so good luck!

Latium123 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:59:16

With my first the baby measured 2 weeks behind dates from period all the way throughout the pregnancy and i had a very healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful 22 month old DD. My period was 2 weeks late before I got a positive pregnancy test, I thought all manner of things were wrong. Nobody has ever been able to explain why the dates ended up 2 weeks behind. It was most strange but i can hopefully reassure you that it was absolutely normal in my case. Sorry to hear about your previous experience of MC but good luck and I hope everything goes well this time.

willitbe Fri 29-Jul-16 17:28:00

Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy Starbee.

I wanted to give you some hope, yes you can measure two weeks behind and all be ok. I have found the website misdiagnosed miscarriage very helpful to give me hope.

I can understand your difficulties of being in limbo regarding your pregnancy. I have had 12 miscarriages, and measuring behind was always hard. I found out it was due to having a retroverted uterus (which is nothing abnormal). However I also had a pregnancy where I measured two weeks behind during the early weeks, and then measured exactly on dates as the pregnancy progressed.

Seeing a heartbeat is a good sign, but then I did on one of my miscarriages. All I can advise is taking one day at a time, and just repeating the mantra "today I am pregnant" to yourself.

As for how to get through the next few weeks, please try to see if you can get another appointment in the next couple of weeks to reassure yourself that things are progressing ok, a week might seem a long time, but you will get a more definite answer if you can wait for two weeks. Try not to get too hung up on pregnancy symptoms, in the mean time, as these are not a reliable indicator as to how things are going.

I truly hope that you are having a successful and fruitful pregnancy.

StarBee123 Fri 29-Jul-16 19:08:39

Thanks so much for all the replies and sorry for the delay -running round after my overactive DD! It sounds like some of you have positive stories and sorry to hear about those who have mc too. Well my cycle is pretty regular and usually around 30 days. I have always just used an ovulation calculator and conceived within the timeframe it gives me. Also, the difference I noticed with me Latium is I took my first pregnancy test on the 25th June exactly 4 weeks after the 1st day of my period and it was positive -the clear blue said 1-2 weeks which would have been 3-4 weeks dating from last period if that makes sense! If I'm only 6 weeks now, I would have only been 1-2 weeks then and surely I couldn't have had a positive test at 1-2 weeks? Thanks for all your well wishes and advice, if nothing else it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one this has happened to! No bleeding or pain so I am praying I have somehow got my dates ridiculously wrong and I'm worrying about nothing. You always expect the worst I guess, especially when you have had previous Mcs. Willitbe you must have been through everything and more after 12. You must be much stronger than me, if this is my third I feel may give up x

purpleviolet1 Mon 08-Aug-16 07:00:17

Hi op how are you?

Smurf123 Thu 25-Aug-16 20:28:13

I had my booking appointment and scan today. My last period was around the 25th June so they had put me at around 9 weeks ... But scan today showed sac and a very tiny something inside when she said was measuring around 6 weeks 4 days. No heartbeat but she said at that size it would be too small. Was asked if i was sure of my dates I am pretty sure that's when I had my last period. She then said she was going to go talk to doctor who would do an internal scan but then came back to say she had talked to the registrar and showed here the scans and measurements and that she didn't think she needed to see me today and instead would organise an appointment with early pregnancy unit for next week to see whether there was any growth. She wrote the details down inside an early pregnancy loss booklet. Saying that she wasn't saying that's what it is. I've cried all evening and now I don't know what to expect. I've not had any bleeding or anything have sore breasts and morning sickness every morning .. If my last period was the 25 th June and ovulation is approx 2 weeks later then that would be almost bang on 6 weeks 4 days but then why would they date from last period. It seems from on here others have had similar experiences .. Thought I was going to get a scan and see heartbeat today and instead I'm left not even knowing what's going to happen .. Could it just be smaller or less weeks than expected?

LondonGirl83 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:03:10

Smurf pregnancy is always dated from last period rather than ovulation. That's just the medical convention. I hope it all works out for you and for the OP.

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