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Does anyone know? - Booking in appointment

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Heidipiedy Fri 29-Jul-16 10:04:15

Hi Everyone,
Im about 8 weeks with baby number 2. Had a pretty rough time so far as I have been going through a pretty horrible time at work, restructure, threat of redundancy, to be told I had a position, to be told my hours and work pattern were being cut, loads of legal advise, grievance submitted to now be informed im on 9 weeks notice and gardening leave if I dont agree to a new contact - obviously I dont want work to know about the pregnancy yet as (A) its too early and (B) i dont want them to have it as ammunition agaisnt me. Anyway on top of this I have had horrendous tirdness and nausea this time around. Havent actually been sick, but I feel sick all day, I force myself to eat as although it makes me feel sick, I feel worse if I dont. Think im dehydrated to, trying to force myself to drink but blur!!

Anyway - I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago about my work situation when I was 6 weeks and said I had a positve pregnancy test. He refered me to the midwives who said they will be in touch. I still havent heard anything, I was wondering is this because they wait untill your 8 weeks? as I read they often dont book in before this....but I was thinking they might still book a future date - am I being impatient or should I chase? I cant remember as DS is 3 1/2 now!


NameChange30 Fri 29-Jul-16 10:09:24

I know this isn't the question you asked, but I think you should tell your employer that you're pregnant. Pregnancy is a protected characteristic which means that it's very difficult for employers to dismiss pregnant women without being vulnerable to charges of pregnancy discrimination.

As for the booking in appointment, I suggest you call the midwife team to chase. Where I live the appointment is around 8-10 weeks and the midwives get booked up. So if I were you I'd want to make sure I had an appointment in the diary.

Heidipiedy Fri 29-Jul-16 10:28:51

I just dont know if that would help right now. There was genuine redundancy reason, but the issue has moved on now. My old job which is the same as my new job but with different line management want me to work different hours and work pattern. It leaves me in a very bad place finacially salary reduction and increased childcare cost. They are basically saying they are offering me suitable alternative employment in my 'new' role. Im hoping the grevance will perhaps sway the descion, but if not I am going to have to accept the new offer as if i reject, I am not entitled to redundancy pay anyway, so I dont think there would be any consideration for me being pregnant - thanks for your advice, its just horrendous, my company hasnt really gone through the process in a fair way as I wasnt even consulted over the change in my hours so i dont hold out much hope.

Anyway onwards and upwards, there a beautiful little life coming into the word and we are blessed for that smile I will get on to the midwives!

TerriB84 Fri 29-Jul-16 13:44:26

Although the process does seem very location dependent, where I live you are also told the midwives will be in touch to make the booking appointment. I received my 12 week scan appointment letter through before hearing from the midwives so like you I started to worry thinking maybe I should contact them. As it was they contacted me when I was about 8 weeks for an appointment about 3 days later.

MrsStavrum Fri 29-Jul-16 15:53:16

Hi Heidypeidy,
I have no advice about your work situation but I hope it works out for you soon!
I know it depends where you like but we were told we would get our booking appointment date and 12 weeks scan date within 10 days, when we hadn't heard after 3 weeks I gave the hospital a call and they hadn't received my referral so nothing was booked! They were great and rushed it through but I would chase if you haven't heard anything in a few days I were you. Its nice to know when the dates are anyway to give you something to focus on.
Good luck.

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