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Late pregnancy hell

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ana291 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:53:58

Am 35 weeks pregnant and feel so awful I don't think I can go on another 5 weeks. Really breathless all the time and can't get comfy whatever I do. It's making me feel stressed all the time too. Had investigations done but they didn't find anything sinister, although I have had an asthma flare up which is adding to it. Terrible pressure on diaphragm from baby and bloating/ibs too so awful tightness across my middle. The weather is the worst it can be for this too. I've been suffering now for 6 weeks and am so exhausted. Is/has anyone suffered like this in late pregnancy? I feel so unlucky and alone in this hellish experience :-(. I had hoped for a peaceful relaxed third trimester after having hyperemesis in the first four months and am really devastated to be going through hell again so soon!!! Any sympathy and suggestions would be welcome...

WindPowerRanger Thu 28-Jul-16 18:15:32

Yes, I remember it well. You poor thing. At a similar stage, I once stood up in a meeting to speak. Everyone had to wait about 3 minutes until I got my breath back!

I got really quite ill at 38 (just) weeks. Suspected UTI, then suspected reaction to the anti-biotics. I had a night in hospital on a drip then went home, but it was never clear what was wrong. I was too uncomfortable to sleep well, was hot all the time and very grumpy.

My tips-if you haven't yet bought those oddly-shaped pillows, then do. I had a huge long one and a small wedge. Arranging them around me (supporting my back so I couldn't roll onto my back when asleep, between my legs to help support my hips, under my boobs-each the size of the dome of St. Paul's by then) was the only way to get any sleep at all.

In hot weather, pure linen sheets are by far the most comfortable thing. I have just discovered that La Redoute sells them cheaper than anywhere else.

I was mostly naked while in the house, with a large fan nearby. I drank and drank so as not to get dehydrated and watched quite a lot of stupid telly.

I was lucky enough to be able to change my work hours. I got up later, came home later (when it was cooler) and did all domestic stuff in the cool of the evening. The morning was for blobbing about with the radio on. If you can, ignore the concept of regular hours so you can do similar. Sleep whenever you can.

A friend had so little room in her belly for food, due to a big baby, she used to suck on boiled sweets just to keep herself going. I think all I ate by then was curry (homemade though) and oranges.

My sister swore by sessions in a flotation tank to help her de-stress.

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