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Overweight and pregnant :(

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babyblabber Wed 27-Jul-16 18:14:06

Anyone else?

I'm 11 weeks with no.4 and I never lost the weight from no.3 who's 18 months old so am about 11.5 stone (well I was a few weeks ago, too scared to check now!). I'm only short and usually 10-10.5 stone at my normal weight which isn't exactly tiny. I'm definitely in the overweight BMI range.

I'm a bit worried about gestational diabetes (have big babies so have been tested last two pregnancies and didn't have it) and also, what size I will be by the time I'm finished! How will I ever lose it all?! I'm totally fucking exhausted and suffering from quite bad nausea this time so not getting any exercise or eating very well, although I try. My meals are good but I cannot stop snacking on carbs or chocolate. I thought about joining slimming world but tried it before and not sure I can face it.

Anyone else in the same boat? Any tips or positive stories for me?

Hyland Wed 27-Jul-16 18:28:54

12 weeks Friday and also feeling crap about being over weight. I'm 5ft 6 and aged 37. But the depressing 3 rounds of IVF and failures have taken a toll on me. I have obviously been comfort eating and now concerned that I'm not in the best shape and with a BMI over 30. Eeeeeek

How that hell did i let this happen, ok i know the how.

But is it to late to undo some of this damage!

I had my booking appointment and they're telling me coz I have 3 contributing factors: BMI aged over 35 and a IVF patient. That i will have to have daily blood thinning injections from 26 weeks i think.

To avoid DVT deep vein thrombosis, not that I have any current vein issues.


I also sympathise with the constant feeling tired and nausea. Not exactly a recipe to get active at the moment.

purplesmiler Wed 27-Jul-16 20:39:11

I am overweight by quite a lot really. The plan was to loose some (I've always been big & wouldnt ever be thin but I realise the health impact) prior to TTC however we have recently found out I am pregnant and other than try to keep healthy there isn't much else I can do. I haven't had my booking in appointment yet but given my bmi and that my blood pressure can be high there is a high chance I will be under consultant care. The worst thing we can do is become stressed about it because that wont help mum or baby but like you I do worry at times.

blue2014 Thu 28-Jul-16 09:52:17

We have a plus sized pregnancy thread if you want to join us there? It's pretty quiet to be honest but it's a nice place

user1467983757 Thu 28-Jul-16 12:01:13

I am 4 stone over weight and have fallen pregnant. It wouldn't be my choice to be over weight and pregnant but here I am. I plan to just try not too over eat during it. Hopefully I will not gain horrendous amount.

purplesmiler Thu 28-Jul-16 15:52:18

blue I have looked but can't find the thread?

blue2014 Thu 28-Jul-16 18:09:38

Plus-sized Pregnancy

Hope that works?

Jodie1982 Thu 28-Jul-16 18:35:14

Oh me too babybladder. My BMI is 36 sad I lost nearly 2st before falling pregnant and think I've nearly put a st back on. Got degenerative disease n arthritis in my back so really need to look after my weight, it's bloody hard wrk and worrying isn't it. Got to have the blood thinning injections later on and also see the anesthesiologist as I need epidural during birth, they have to make sure they can put it in ok apparently? I've been told to try slimming world, been there before and enjoyed so may try again just to maintain my weight.
Think I'm going to look like a whale when baby is here sad

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 28-Jul-16 18:41:10

11 stone?? I am bloomin 15! My BMI was 33 at booking and my pregnancy was fabulous, entirely healthy, zero issues, no extra care or anything smile didn't even have a diabetes test. Sure you'll be perfectly fine smile

DanceLover22 Thu 28-Jul-16 22:59:59

I'm overweight, lost around two and a half stone on slimming world over the last six months but I'm now pregnant, I thought it would mean it going out the window but I'm going to continue with the plan because it's basically more of a healthy eating option I think. I've been able to still have losses in my first twelve weeks of pregnancy, they haven't been huge but I'm hoping I can at least control what weight I will gain throughout the pregnancy, I tend to just stick to my meals and carry around berries or low fat snacks to munch on when I'm hungry (which seems to be all the time!)

A friend of mine recently gave birth, she's been overweight for a long time and she had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and has a beautiful healthy little girl now. I'm sure you will be ok.

Best of luck flowers

sophied1983 Mon 01-Aug-16 16:59:34

I was much, much bigger than you.

Gestational diabetes isn't always linked to weight. I know some tiny women who have developed this in pregnancy.

You're pregnant now, so try and look forward rather than worrying about what you haven't changed in advance of getting preggers.

As long as your blood pressure stays within range and you try and stay as active as possible, you'll be absolutely fine.

As I said, I am way bigger than you and everything has been absolutely fine so far - am 35 weeks today.

NyaMon94 Mon 05-Sep-16 09:46:43

Hi, This is my first time posting and hope I am in the right place.
I have done over 8 tests and all have came back positive. I done a few of the clear blue digital last week and they came back 2-3 weeks.
I repeated this again this morning and it is still saying 2-3 weeks. Should I be worried?
I don't get regular periods my last was in Feb so I wouldnt even have a clue to how far along i should be.
My BMI is high - around 40 but I have no other health problems, but i just can't stop worrying about something going wrong sad

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