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How to deal with tiredness

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Ashpan26 Wed 27-Jul-16 17:46:44

Hi everyone I am 18 weeks and I'm so tired everyday I thought the second trimester was meant to boost your energy! Lol I'm working 5 days and do housework etc but I can't seem to shift this tiredness I eat ok and get 9-10 hours sleep a night is there anything that helps? It actually making my moods worse because of the way I feel and I'm struggling to be motivated and happy

Hopelass Wed 27-Jul-16 17:54:38

Have you had your iron levels checked? Might you be anaemic?

Ashpan26 Wed 27-Jul-16 18:19:56

I had bloods done at 8 weeks they were fine don't know if it's worth mentioning to the midwife

Tinklypoo Wed 27-Jul-16 18:26:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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