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passed out!

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Veganmumm Wed 27-Jul-16 16:57:43

hi ladies, i'm 10 weeks pregnant with my third child and have been feeling super sick and tired since week 6. Thankfully i have a wonderful partner who insists i rest and takes very good care of me.
Yesterday i had a headache all day i felt a wave of nausea kick in and got out of bed to get some bread or something, as i walked towards the door i felt dizzy, got flashy eyes and as my vision blacked out, my body went numb and my legs gave way! although i didnt loose consciousness, i did manage to hit the wooden bed frame and my boyfriends weights! im pretty bruised sad it took a while to pull myself together and i cried too from maybe shock? the doctor said my blood pressure is low and gave liquid iron and said drink more water.
Now im nervous its going to happen again, has anyone else experienced this and did it keep happening?? i never had this with the other pregnancies. thanks guys x

Ooogetyooo Wed 27-Jul-16 17:04:22

I had the sudden fainting that you describe. It happened about four times in the 9 months. I had low blood pressure and nausea although no actual sickness. Had to be very careful to pace myself and not get up quickly. Also had to lie on my side a lot and when in the car not sit directly upright as for some reason this used to bring on rapid heart fluttering and then would pass out, it was weird and almost didn't want to leave the house sometimes in case it came on.

ColintheCrow Wed 27-Jul-16 17:12:30

I had this constantly in all three pregnancies from very early on... diagnosed as low blood pressure due to iron deficiency (I do have naturally low blood pressure anyway). With the third pregnancy it was picked up during a hospital appointment and they said I wasn't absorbing the iron supplements properly so I had an intravenous iron infusion every week. It really made a lot of difference but I still felt faint quite often especially spring the last few weeks... something to discuss with your medical team.

Veganmumm Wed 27-Jul-16 17:21:49

I've had no actual sickness either and have naturally low iron,all the women in my family do, but it never causes any problems, in fact i wouldnt even know if it werent for blood tests for other things. but it seems to be a problem in pregnancy so im taking the iron now. i have noticed dizziness the last couple of weeks but never expected to actually keel over!! i was so surprised! i guess i better just take it slow. if it gets worse i may just ask for the IV iron. thanks for answering xx

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