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Can i take maternity leave sooner?

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Kissedbubble93 Wed 27-Jul-16 10:51:44

Im 27 weeks pregnant and doing fine, first baby, I'm really achy and tired but nothing too bad.

I'm just worried as I'm pretty big and have a feeling my little one is going to come sooner than predicted. I'm due to leave at 36 weeks and I have agreed that with my employer.

However I work full time 50+ per week and I don't think I can do it much longer.

I want to change my leave to go at 33 weeks.

Any advice or when did everyone else go on mat leave?

I feel like I'm a being a drama queen but first baby and I want to be relaxed when he/she arrives.

We also haven't yet found a place to live which is also stressful :|

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you

ohidoliketobe Wed 27-Jul-16 10:57:45

With my employer you have to give them 6 weeks notice if you want to change your start date, so you've still got time for that. I wouldn't worry about baby coming sooner but I can understand the thought of continuing with 50+ hours a week for another 9 weeks is daunting. Your employer does have a duty of care to you as an expantant mother, is there an occupational health department, or do you feel comfortable approaching your line manager so you can discuss lightening your workload?

Kissedbubble93 Wed 27-Jul-16 11:04:46

Okay, so i need to decide ASAP then really, it is especially when I'm at my desk all day and sweaty and horrible lol. Sorry for the unwanted detail!

I report directly to my director as I am the manager of the office, but we've never have anyone pregnant in my time here so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to it.

dementedpixie Wed 27-Jul-16 11:10:54

You need to give 28 days notice to change your start date and 8 weeks for changing the end date

dementedpixie Wed 27-Jul-16 11:12:31

TheTittifersHaveSungTheirSong Wed 27-Jul-16 11:18:40

I was due to go on mat leave when I was 36weeks but during week 34 I had had enough-SPD etc so said I wanted to leave on the Friday and all was agreed! they were pretty accommodating to be honest!

Dontlikejam Wed 27-Jul-16 11:26:04

If your baby comes earlier than your maternity leave starts, it will start the day after your baby is born anyway. You might want to think about how long you are going to want off with baby afterwards. Have you any annual leave to add on?

OneEpisode Wed 27-Jul-16 11:29:36

I took annual leave before. Not whole weeks but every other day, got them used to me not being there, too. You should earn more annual leave whilst you are on maternity too.

Spottyladybird Wed 27-Jul-16 11:34:22

28 days notice at my workplace to change maternity leave but you can get signed off sick by your doctors if you need to or ask in a reduction of hours.

Ilovetea82 Wed 27-Jul-16 12:02:07

I worked similar hours before my first, I asked if i could work from home one day a week (work type permitting) which worked well as I was able to go to my midwife appointments without losing too much work time and didn't have a commute to manage which gave me more time and energy for both work and relaxing.
If you can use some days holiday between now and you starting Mat leave that might help too.

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