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Can't function :(

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babyash Wed 27-Jul-16 10:03:28

I'm nearly 10 weeks and my morning sickness up until this week as been between 4-7pm, sometimes till bedtime (pain being over tea time and after school) but meant the day time was fine apart from being tired.
This week has flipped - all day crippling nausea, I can't move without waves of sickness. Then I'll have a long nap late afternoon and wake up feeling fairly normal.
Which makes for a nice evening,
But this has been soooooo horrible. I just can't function during the day, not sure if I should ask the doctor for something or just hang in there!!! It's making summer holidays miserable

I'm sad sad

Laura05 Wed 27-Jul-16 10:20:23

Hi sorry to here you're having a rough time flowers

I've currently got all day nausea, no vomiting (although I'd happily take it to get a brief relief!) I went to docs yesterday and was prescribed cyclizine. Took a tablet yesterday and it didn't completely get rid of the nausea but it helped enough for me to function!

I have 2dc and work part time so I know how you feel running about, especially during the holidays! Roll on the new term!!

If you're really struggling, I would definitely recommend seeing your gp xx

ahsan Wed 27-Jul-16 11:29:08

Yes kicked in today as nearly 6 weeks. Get it in the mornings when I wake up. Felt awful smile

bumbleclat Wed 27-Jul-16 11:42:53

Could you not get some anti nausea tablets from your GP- I had this for three months it was awful but the anti nausea tablets really helped.

LynseyH5 Wed 27-Jul-16 13:43:11

On was prescribed cyclizine too. I found taking one regularly in a morning helped me cope, I did think the side affect of drowsiness was nightmare but this is my 3rd day without it and I'm still shattered!
I'm 11+3 ish weeks so quite glad the nausea has started to fade away as it really does suck.
My advice? See you GP and don't just suffer it!! I have 3 kids to still look after so I feel your pain lol x

crazychemist Wed 27-Jul-16 13:57:37

Poor you flowers
I really feel for you having morning sickness in this heat. I'm past it now (which is such a relief), but I did find sleeping through it when possible an absolute lifesaver. Getting out in the fresh air helped a lot too - we were in Cornwall for a week with friends, and walking the dog along the beach was very pleasant, although I think in part because I didn't have to worry about being sick - I live in London, and absolutely hated he judgemental looks I got staggering to the nearest bin to be sick on my way to/from work. Out in the countryside there are discrete bushes and fewer people!

Feb2017babyuk Wed 27-Jul-16 20:45:04

Hi, sorry to hear you're experiencing this. It's truly awful. I'm 12+4 and have had hyperemis gravidarum since 4+5. Tried both of the go to NHS anti sickness meds separately to no avail. Now advised to take both at same time about 10 pills a day! You could try accupunture. It did give me some amount of relief but I've not found anything that truly helps sad feel for you it's awful and nobody gets it! Xxxxx

EreniTheFrog Wed 27-Jul-16 20:55:43

Sending unmumsnetty hugs... it's grim, isn't it? I'm not really managing to get out of the house much either at the moment. I just keep trying to remind myself that it will, will, will pass.

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