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cats and new baby

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pickledgirkin Tue 26-Jul-16 09:10:55

I just wanted to let any new parents know that we had two cats and they never showed any interest in getting close up and personal with our baby. They found her a wierd unpredictable thing and pretty much always kept their distance. We kept them out of the bedroom at night just to be careful but I don't think they would have snuggled up with her anyway - too unpredictable. Just wanted to reassure! SHe's 9 months now and they still keep their distance! She is too grabby for them! xxx

MagpieCursedTea Tue 26-Jul-16 09:17:16

My cats also generally ignored DS until he was old enough to hand out the treats. They did however figure out that when I was breastfeeding him, it meant I would be sat still for a while so it was a good opportunity to get a lap.

Laura05 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:53:24

My cat was very intrigued with DS (she avoided DD like the plague but she was 2 and very grabby lol)

The cat would sleep on the floor next to DS moses basket (during the day in the living room) and would sit on the couch next to him with the odd wee sniff and paw. She'd go running to him with the slightest whimper or noise he made lol I did wonder if she thought she was a dog!

She also didn't mind him grabbing her or chasing her when he got to the crawling stage.

She's not been a big fan since he starting running but will still let him clap her now and again (DS is 21months)

I'm assuming she'll be fine with dc3 when they arrive but she's mostly an outdoor cat so we probably won't see much of her lol

crazychemist Tue 26-Jul-16 10:12:59

Glad to see this. 30 weeks pregnant and a little bit worried about my cat.... He's very snugly and I worry he'll be too interested when baby arrives! I think he'll be very upset to be shut out of the bedroom overnight (currently spends a big chunk of the night sleeping on my pillow!), but I just wouldn't want to take the risk of having him in the same room as the baby while I'm asleep.

Junosmum Tue 26-Jul-16 10:58:12

We have 3 cats. They all avoid ds like the plague.

Bogoffdailymail Tue 26-Jul-16 11:01:30

My 2 cats also avoid 6 month old DD like the plague. It was still quite unnerving when she was newborn though and we still have to faff about to make sure they're never alone with her

LadyFarnborough Tue 26-Jul-16 11:03:10

My own cat avoids ME like the plague so I'm not worried about the baby!

pickledgirkin Tue 26-Jul-16 20:06:02

crazychemist - I posted the same thing on parenting and there are lots of reassuring posts! I also have a super lappy cat but she's never gone near the baby but does let her grab her now! She's very good! My funniest moment was with a midwife, DD was a few weeks old and she was a cat lady - I asked her if she had any advice on keeping the baby safe (everyone else had been giving us horror stories which I thought were a bit the stuff of urban legend. Cat lady midwife was completely uninterested in welfare of the baby and gave us instructions on how to make sure the cats were not psychologically scarred from the new addition, being shut out of the bedroom at night, how we needed to give them lots of attention, etc! Made me laugh! Good luck with cat and baby relationship xxx

kiki22 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:53:02

My mum's cat never paid the slightest bit of attention to my neice who lived here and she was a horrible vicious cat same with DS when he came along no interest what so ever.

I asked at the PDSA when I was in about tips for our kitten (1yr) and new baby since the cat is only used to DS they said a lot of the time the cats not interested in the baby but can be interested in the baby things so to get them out early, it's certainly worked so far I've had the cot up for 2 weeks spent a week chasing him out now he's got the idea not to go in it I've moved on to the pram again he wants to snuggle in it so keep moving him out he's quickly getting it next week is the bouncy chair. The lady said people think the cats trying to get into the baby when they actually just want the snuggle spot lol.

Northernlight22 Tue 26-Jul-16 22:03:25

This is good to hear! I've got 2 cats and was worried how they'd react. We've already started laying down "rules" so they dont associate these new routines with the baby (shutting them out of rooms on night etc)

Wolfiefan Tue 26-Jul-16 22:06:50

First time first baby met our old girl. (we lost her aged 19 a year ago.) love at first sight. Neither her nor our other cat much liked babies when they cried but the minute the children were old enough to offer them a hand to gently "bish" it was mutual love and adoration. Miss you old girl. sad

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