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If you take pregnacare vitamins

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abbinobb Tue 26-Jul-16 07:44:16

Do you need to take folic acid as well? It has folic acid in it so I'm thinking not but just want to double check

Scarydinosaurs Tue 26-Jul-16 07:47:03

Nope, it has the folic acid you need in it.

lotusisaddictive Tue 26-Jul-16 08:06:42

If you have bmi of 35 or over you need to take 5mg of folic acid which was prescribed by my doctor at my 8 week appointment, also she gave me vitamin d capsules to take every day throughout pregnancy. Not sure if that's because of weight or just new guidelines.

AspiringMother Tue 26-Jul-16 11:28:43

As far as I'm aware, Pregnacare is like the excuse the pun mother of all pregnancy vitamins.

The ones I used to take had folic acid and vitamin D in, which are the most important ones! I had to stop taking the Pregnacare after getting a really upset stomach - probably down to how many vitamins are inside them! I ended up switching Boots folic acid and vitamin D tablets.

Scarydinosaurs Tue 26-Jul-16 13:18:10

aspiring probably the iron they put in them. It also made me really bad and contributed to a flare of my ulcerative colitis with my first pregnancy. I only took folic acid with the next two babies and avoided pregnacare.

AspiringMother Tue 26-Jul-16 19:37:46

That's really interesting Scarydinosaurs, thanks for that!!

ahsan Tue 26-Jul-16 20:58:15

No you don't, unless doctor gives it to you

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